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An Energy Drink In Review: Red Line Princess (Part 2)

Well, I got Red Line, drank it the first day and thought it was going to change my life. The bottle is 8 ounces, a serving is 4 ounces and I drank 2 ounces. I was giggly, happy, energized, euphoric, and even went on a cleaning stint when I got home from work. Apparently THIS is the high drug addicts chase but never relive because since then I’ve had anywhere from 2-4 ounces and not only do I not get the happy, giggly feeling. I don’t feel super-energized and have never relived the need to clean.

The other possibility is I had just finished a massage about 20 minutes before my first Red Line experience so that relaxed euphoria may have mixed with Red Line for the perfect high of energy and happiness.

Regardless, I haven’t had it since.

The taste, though, is good. And I suppose it gives me about as much energy as Five Hour Energy without the disgusting taste. I still normally drink only about 2 ounces (knowing the original high will never be again).


A+ for the original high
A for taste
B for energy
D for what it promised versus what it delivered – although I realize I could shotgun an entire 8 ounces


When You’re Mad, Shut Your Mouth and Think!

Everyone should be more like me. Well, for lots of reasons, of course! Just kidding. But, seriously, I think more people should be like me and shut the hell up when they’re mad. When I get my feelings hurt I tend to keep the emotion inside and think about it for awhile. Sure, I’m still mad. And sure I might vent to someone who will listen and give me advice, but I try not to say or do hurtful things to the person I’m mad at. Because, commonly, the people who hurt you the most are the ones you’re closest to. At least that’s true in my case (barring only the assholes I work with who I don’t care about but piss me off everyday because I DO care about my job).

Anyway, my point is, is this argument worth ending a friendship over? Is it worth feeling guilty next month when you’re friends again over the stuff you’ve said and they way you’ve handled it? Likely, no. There are very few arguments or hurt feelings I have that I feel are honestly worth ending the friendship over. Some need to be addressed, but normally I feel addressing the issues after the initial drama has cooled is the best way. And in other instances, I really think letting the issue or argument drop is the best solution. Sometimes as friends we agree to disagree and love our friends despite the conflicting beliefs.

That’s my vent for the day!

Bottom line: It’s hard to find good friends, but even the best friends aren’t perfect.

Pauly D and Snooki Need To Smoosh… But First Snooki’s Writing a Book!

I know, I know, I’m endlessly entertained by the random people I follow on Twitter. Namely the J-Shore crowd (minus Sammi and Ronnie – oh and Angelina, but I don’t think anyone counts her anyway). BUT, you can’t seriously tell me there’s not some love under the surface between Pauly D and Snooki. Or, at the very least, that there should be. I also know Snooki has a boyfriend. And Pauly’s probably banging every girl who approaches him (minus the grenades of course) in between DJing, beating up the beat, and GTLing. But last night there was an exchange between Pauly and Snooki on Twitter.

First Snooki was getting razzed about not being Italian. First, am I the only one who doesn’t care what freaking ethnicity she is? The Italians hated been associated with the show and guidos/guidettes, and now they’re finding out they aren’t Italian and they’re pissed? You’d think people who eat that much pasta would be happy. I freaking LOVE pasta and if I had an excuse to eat it every day I wouldn’t be bitching about anything. But I digress.

Anyway, Pauly tells Snooks to shake it off and she says, “haha that’s right pauly!! That’s why I love you my #1 guido.” Pauly re-tweets and says, “<<< THats Y I love my #1 Guidette.”

Come on, people!

OK, maybe it’s a sexual tension thing. I can’t blame them. Once they give in and rock it, the tension will be gone, their friendship will be awkward, and they won’t be able to hook up with whoever comes along. Well, Pauly anyway. So, I respect their decision to not jack up their friendship. But they’re soulies. I’m just sayin’. One of these days they’ll get married on the Jersey Shore. And when they do, I hope they’ll serve pasta!

In other news: Snooki’s trying to get her nickname patented or trademarked or something… All in the name of writing a book. What? I can’t wait! In related news, Pauly D’s getting his name patented for DJing purposes. And The Situation is for douchebaggery purposes. Things are looking up for our J-Shore friends!

Damn, Snooki! GET IT!

Snooki posted a few pics of herself a year ago on her Twitter and first, I have to say, I LOVE Snooki. Not because of how she does or doesn’t look now or before. But I think her personality is hilarious and I love how she’s Snooki in ALL situations. No front, and she doesn’t care if that means she looks silly or idiotic occasionally. I admire that in a person.

BUT! Tonight she posted some those pictures and I think I admire her even more! Why, you might ask? Here’s the problem. Pretty  girls tend to have the most boring personalities (see: Sammi) because they get by on their looks, or how slutty they are (ahem, JWoww). But, Snooki is hilarious. And I by no means think she’s fat now, but check her out a year ago. And she’s professed starting a diet. Two words: POOL SEASON. Or… I guess.. SHORE SEASON! I’ll beat up the beat to that!

Pictures after the jump…

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Ronnie and Sammi Are Still Together

I’ve seen lots of posts and wondering whether Ronnie and Sammi are still together. As of February 7th (less than a week ago), they are. Just follow Ronnie on Twitter. Or you could follow Sammi (you’ll have to look her up, I’m not even going to give her the consideration of a link) if you want to hear her talk about how beautiful, or read her tweets pretending she’s deep and profound. I think Ronnie’s too boring to follow. But I think Sammi’s too vapid. And they’ll probably end up married because girls like Sammi generally get the guy. The sooner you accept that, the easier life is. The good news is, most of the guys who end up with girls like Sammi are the insecure ones. And we don’t want those dudes, anyway!

Here’s his tweet on February 7th:

Missing Cali already. But it sure does feel good to be home. Beyond exhausted. R & R w/ @MTVsammi.. Now that’s what’s up! 6:16 PM Feb 7th from UberTwitter

This Just In: Jersey Shore Shall Henceforth Be Called South Beach Shore

OK, I’m sure the name’s not changing, but the location has been finalized. The cast of Jersey Shore (Season 2) is heading to South Beach in May, staying somewhere off Lincoln Road, whatever that means. What I do want to know is when will the season premiere? I’M READY!

I’m not sure if season 2 will be as good as the original because the cast mates have to be more aware of what they’re doing and how they’re mocked. But, if their attitudes on appearances say anything, it doesn’t sound like self-aware is a word any of them know.

I’m ready to beat up the beat after some GTL! Here’s a fist pump hopin’ Angelina WON’T be there.

Snooki, Pauly D and “The Sitch” on Ellen

I’d like to start with an apology. I can’t embed the video because apparently Ellen dislikes the promotion of her show? What’s up with that, Ellen? Unusual. And second, I’m confused that Ellen is pretending she doesn’t know who the Jersey Shore peeps are. She had them on once before playing a trivia game. And I’ve been following the cast pretty closely on Twitter (well, except for Sammi, who I refuse to follow because she’s an annoying bitch (and originally was “that girl” who shared an account with Ronnie – who does that?), and Angelina who, let’s be honest, isn’t part of the cast, although she’s sure trying really hard to be included), so I know they went twice. I guess I digress. Sometimes the hosts play stupid so the audience knows WTF is going on.

Here’s the link to the video:

Here are my thoughts.

  1. Every damn time I see “The Sitch” he gets more and more arrogant, and I want to punch him.
  2. I continue to admire Snooki’s honesty. She’s straight up Snooks, all day. I respect that!
  3. The absurd explanation of GTL was stupid. All the “uh”s and “OK”s were annoying as shit. Shut up, Mike!
  4. “Everyone’s known for their hair or abs.” Hilarious, Ellen! I’d never thought of it that way!
  5. Pauly: “All I’m hoping is it’s someplace warm.” Ellen- “Cause you gotta have your shirts off and stuff like that.” FOR SURE!
  6. Every interview I see I’m always annoyed by how The Situation sits. Why do his damn legs have to be spread so far apart? And don’t say something about his package. I’m already convinced it’s the smallest one on the show. Yes, I’m even considering Ronnie who can’t have much going on, what considering the roid use how Sammi has a bigger pair than him.
  7. Snooki is still talking about finding her “guido juicehead.” Juicehead just means you have big muscles. It doesn’t mean they drink a lot of juice. Thanks for the clarification, Ellen! But, Snooki has a boyfriend? Sooo…. Weird. I can’t remember how her tweets lined up, but it seemed like they just taped this.
  8. I think Ellen had a moment of feeling protective of Snooki. She told Snooks to look for personality first. Somehow I have a feeling no one in Snooki’s life has ever told her that before. I felt bad for her!
  9. And, finally, Ellen gave The Situation the spotlight, which his ego DOES NOT need (I’m sorry, I’m appalled by what an arrogant asshole he is), to display his abs. Although he’s debunked the “I was a stripper in a past life” rumors, you could see the stripper coming out in him during that move. Get it together, Mike. You are a creep. And while your pompous attitude makes good TV, you are humiliating yourself. I feel sorry for you. But, I guess I’m not making $10 Gs an episode, so what’s there to feel sorry for?

So there’s that. Highlight of my day!

Does anyone out there actually like The Situation? I mean, as a human being? Not as an entertainment character. I genuinely like Vinny, Snooki and Pauly. I cannot stand The Situation or Sammi. And Ronnie’s boring as hell, so I”m indifferent on that front.