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Husbands More Likely To Cheat If Wife Makes More… So We Shouldn’t Aspire?

As everyone knows I’m an avid Bobby Bones Show listener. Today on their website was the recap of a study that found men whose wives make more than them are more likely to cheat. It also said men whose wives are financially dependent on them are more likely to cheat. As well as stay at home dads. The article ended saying, “”So take heed, girls! You’ll never have a stable or happy family life if you endeavor to shame and emasculate your husband by pursuing your own dreams and goals. Make his goals your goals. Helping him achieve his dreams should become your dream.

What the wha-what? I HAVE to assume this was sarcastic. I didn’t hear them read or talk about this segment on the show. But when it’s on their site like this I HAVE to believe there are girls out there reading it and not seeing it as sarcastic.

Here’s an idea, girls, if you make lots of money, hold out for a dude who makes MORE! Shit yeah! Screw this marrying for love thing. Clearly that doesn’t work. Find a dude who has LOTS of stuff going for him. No one wants a leech anyway, right?

If men are so damn insecure they can’t handle having a successful wife, why is this OUR problem? Women, by and far, make less money than men doing the same job. We accept that. So if the rare occasion comes that the wife makes more, she’s supposed to, what? Give up HER dreams? Or say she makes three times as much as him. Should she give up her job so Mr. Pouty Pants can feel secure? Jesus Christ. Girls! When you come across such an insecure loser, dump his worthless ass! Clearly you’re a successful woman with lots going for you, harness it, dump the crap, and UPGRADE!

Someone who listened to this segment (I’ll check the podcast when it’s available), PLEASE tell me this line was sarcastic.


Patriot Guard Riders – Our Protection Against Westboro Baptist Church

OK, before I write this, I know I’m going against everything I tell everyone to do when it comes to Fred Phelps and his band of crazies. But I have to say it. For all of the Americans out there lucky enough to not know about Fred, Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), or the evil they inflict upon this world, and mostly the next generation of their family, you’re lucky. Because when you come across them, you will hate them. Probably with a hate stronger than any hate you’ve ever felt. And yes, I know hate’s a strong word. But I’ve lived it and felt it. This is EXACTLY what they (they being WBC) want. And our hatred of them is how they’re so successful. There’s the rub.

These people, who don’t even deserve to carry the word “people” because they’re so awful, protest at funerals across the country. Mostly military funerals. And at these funerals they hold signs saying derogatory things about gay people, and the military. Somehow they claim war is caused by Americans accepting gays. Or something like that. Who knows. I don’t even think Fred believes what he says. I believe he does it to make a profit, to feel powerful, to get a rise out of people. All of the bat-crazy stuff crazy people do. But I worry the children don’t know any better. And seeing those children holding the signs. There aren’t words. Awful. But that’s not the point. Well, that sort of is a point. But I can’t fix that.

The point is everything they do is a profit-based business. And the profits are what they use to continue to protest. They protest under the guise of religion (well, sort of. They’re idiots, so it’s not really religion by anyone’s standards but their own). Using the freedom of speech as a shield. Not only to protect them from being shut down, but when someone acts out of emotion, that same freedom wins them lawsuits. And lots of money. Money, essentially, that the rest of America bands together to pay for. And money that is then used to bankroll the next protest. Yep, you read that right. WE are the ones who are making this display of audacity possible (either directly by attacking them and losing cases, or indirectly by helping the family who did attack and lose the case pay what they owe). Many members of the church/of the family (because they’re one in the same) are lawyers. In facts, it’s said Fred would beat any child of his who would not agree to become a lawyer. Several work for the State of Kansas. They know their rights, the ins and outs of the laws, and how to lawfully wreak havoc without doing so illegally. They are very specific in the things they put on their signs and the things they say. They’ve been legally protesting in Kansas for years and years. Many lawsuits have been brought against them, they always win. They file lawsuits against people. I repeat: They. Always. Win.

No one said life’s fair.

So what’s the answer?

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