When You’re Mad, Shut Your Mouth and Think!

Everyone should be more like me. Well, for lots of reasons, of course! Just kidding. But, seriously, I think more people should be like me and shut the hell up when they’re mad. When I get my feelings hurt I tend to keep the emotion inside and think about it for awhile. Sure, I’m still mad. And sure I might vent to someone who will listen and give me advice, but I try not to say or do hurtful things to the person I’m mad at. Because, commonly, the people who hurt you the most are the ones you’re closest to. At least that’s true in my case (barring only the assholes I work with who I don’t care about but piss me off everyday because I DO care about my job).

Anyway, my point is, is this argument worth ending a friendship over? Is it worth feeling guilty next month when you’re friends again over the stuff you’ve said and they way you’ve handled it? Likely, no. There are very few arguments or hurt feelings I have that I feel are honestly worth ending the friendship over. Some need to be addressed, but normally I feel addressing the issues after the initial drama has cooled is the best way. And in other instances, I really think letting the issue or argument drop is the best solution. Sometimes as friends we agree to disagree and love our friends despite the conflicting beliefs.

That’s my vent for the day!

Bottom line: It’s hard to find good friends, but even the best friends aren’t perfect.


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