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News Flash: Sitting Around All Day Isn’t Healthy

I was reading this article on today about how desk jobs aren’t healthy. Duh. The problem is, I don’t even think their recommendations on moving around more through the day are realistic, sustainable or even specific. They say to get up and stretch even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes. Or to sit in a yoga pose in your chair. I definitely feel like crap sitting at a desk all day. My neck, shoulders and back hurt. I have to slouch down in my chair to be at a comfortable height with my monitor.

And I even head for a workout a few times a week on my lunch break.

But what else can I do? We have a workout room at work, so I do get up a few times in the afternoon for foos. I’ve recently started spending a few minutes a day hula hooping (don’t ask, I found a hula hoop, I wanted to revisit my youth). And I STILL feel like crap. Desk jobs definitely aren’t healthy. And active jobs are just as crappy because you’re commonly over-active with repetitive movements or out in the elements.

I should probably be using our workout room for something better like actual yoga poses, get on the elliptical for a few minutes, etc. And now that our summer wardrobe is in effect, it’s probably a lot more realistic (who is going to work up a sweat in a button down shirt and dress slacks?).

Goal: By the end of the summer consistently get up from my desk four times a day for at least 5 minutes at a time.


Jesse James is A Loser, Stalker

OK, so Jesse James cheats on Sandra. Repeatedly. And now it seems like all he’s trying to do is chase her down and get back with her. She wasn’t good enough to treat well the first time around, so why would she take him back now that he’s groveling like a loser? Hopefully she doesn’t.

Trust me, Sandra. If he cheats, you either weren’t enough to give him what he wanted (I DON’T mean sex, I mean emotionally one way or the other), you never will be. That’s not a slight on you. It just is what it is. We can’t all be the right person for every person. Or for very many people for that matter. Or, if it wasn’t you, it’s him. And NO ONE will ever be enough. Either way, it’s a lose-lose. You’re better off alone. And hopefully STD-free. For now.

Do it for all womankind, Sandra. Don’t let him weasel his cheating way back in.

It’s Not About Waiting To Get Married, It’s About Not Waiting On A Guy To Live

So, my friend Lynds sent me this article called “Delaying Bride-Dom.” I believe she intended for me to relate to it and for it to reinforce my “I’m Single, That’s How I Wanna Be” article.

However, her intention and my reaction hit a fork and went different ways. Let me disclaim: I agree girls should wait to get married and spend their 20s getting to know themselves. They should spend time going to school, traveling, focusing on their careers, becoming self-reliant, working on friendships, spending time with your family, figuring out who you are and what you want.

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Why Is It OK For Closed-Minded People To Not Change??

Warning: Rant ahead.

I am SO sick of closed-minded people being accepted for being closed-minded. It’s so frustrating. People always say, “That’s just how he is.” But open-minded people are judged for not changing/compromising/being flexible. And after a certain point, constantly changing for these a-holes get SO DAMN OLD! And having the expectation to be flexible for stupid people is even more frustrating.

So what if that’s just how she is and she’ll never change? Why does that make it OK for her?

And conversely, it’s NOT OK for me to be grumpy when I have to deal with these douchey/bitchy/awful people? Why do I have to change to accept them, when they don’t have to change? Why should I have to fake-enjoy these people.

And it sucks because these few people at work ruin an otherwise livable work environment. And instead of tackling the problem, I’m reprimanded for being exhausted with it. That makes sense.