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Another Day, Another Divorce

It feels like every time I turn around one of my friends or family members is getting divorced. Or I hear about a spouse cheating. Or hear about how marriage isn’t the way he/she thought it would be. It’s sad watching the relationships I used to envy (because, I’ll be honest, I’ve been single pretty much my entire life – and used to long for a relationship) disentegrate. And it’s so weird watching two people who I watched earnestly give vows less than 10 years ago walk away from each other, barely able to communicate.

How does this happen? How can two people who used to be over the moon about each other fall out of love? And if it’s so easy, why is marriage so common? Haven’t we evolved enough to realize this “phenomenon?”

The truth is, the older I get, the more I feel like I’m blessed to have not found someone when I was younger and envious. And the bigger truth is, even if I’d meet an awesome guy I really enjoy spending time with, I don’t know if I see myself ever getting married. I feel like I’ve surpassed the stage in my life where I want to have kids. I’m happy enough playing with my nieces and nephews and keeping my own freedom. Hey, I never said I wasn’t selfish. But I really don’t see myself with children. I don’t long for them. I never feel my biological clock ticking. And if anything, the only thing I’ve EVER seen myself doing is adopting. And at this point, I feel like I’m not even cut out to do that.

But I’m digressing. My question is: Is love real? If it is, how is it so fleeting? Or is momentary love the only real thing? And long-term not really as lovey as it seems? Or maybe we’re all disenchanted about what we expect love to be?