Damn, Snooki! GET IT!

Snooki posted a few pics of herself a year ago on her Twitter and first, I have to say, I LOVE Snooki. Not because of how she does or doesn’t look now or before. But I think her personality is hilarious and I love how she’s Snooki in ALL situations. No front, and she doesn’t care if that means she looks silly or idiotic occasionally. I admire that in a person.

BUT! Tonight she posted some those pictures and I think I admire her even more! Why, you might ask? Here’s the problem. Pretty  girls tend to have the most boring personalities (see: Sammi) because they get by on their looks, or how slutty they are (ahem, JWoww). But, Snooki is hilarious. And I by no means think she’s fat now, but check her out a year ago. And she’s professed starting a diet. Two words: POOL SEASON. Or… I guess.. SHORE SEASON! I’ll beat up the beat to that!

Pictures after the jump…

See? Same old Snooks!

Yeah, you did! Get it, girl!


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