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Snooki and The Sitch Making Out? WHY?

Oh, Snickers, why would you lower yourself to making out with The Situation? Don’t you see what a tool he is? He’s such a facade. He’s so wrapped up in himself and lacks self-esteem. What about him is kiss-worthy? You’re a funny-ass girl. You have a real personality. And a poof that could take out any grenade on The Shore.

I guess it’s better than being a bitch like Sammi. Or boring as hell like Ronnie. But I’m sure it’s not as hot as the sex J-WOWW and Pauly D are having. Actually, I bet now that Pauly D’s not contraband, Jenni’s not even interested. That’s OK. We’ve all been there.

What’s Vinny up to? I miss that kid.


Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

I finished season one of Friday Night Lights last night. Best 22 episodes of TV I’ve probably ever watched. I freaking love this show. I’ve decided I have to take a hiatus or I’ll never accomplish anything. I give the show five out of five stars. Freaking amazing. If you grew up in a small town where football was king or just like competitive sports-related shows with lots of dramatic angles, this show’s for you.

Friday Night Lights, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I grew up in a small town where football was king. Life revolved around Friday nights. Football players were the kings of the school. And the town. Well, several towns because my high school was a conglomeration of four grade schools. When I was in high school I never really thought it strange that so many adults were at the games. I always assumed the adults were family members of players. Parents, siblings, maybe aunts and uncles. It wasn’t until long after high school that I realized the towns lived and died by football. Pretty intense.

Anyway, I’d heard of Friday Night Lights, but never watched it. Several people told me I’d like it, but if I remember right when it first started airing it was on Friday nights. Kind of a bad time slot if it’s during football season, right? But it was a bad time slot for me because I’m generally doing stuff other than watching TV on Fridays.

It still blows my mind that people are so intense on high school football. A bunch of teenagers are making or breaking their day or week? They made or broke my day or week when I was in high school but as soon as I got out I realized how much pressure there must have been. Both on the kids and the coaches. I turned the same corner with college basketball once I graduated from college. I realized grown adults all over the country were staking their happiness on a bunch of 18-22 year olds. And at the end of the day were feeling these intense emotions of anger, hate, disappointment. Are they getting paid (with scholarships and whatever other under the rug things are happening)? Sure. But, dang. Intense.

Anyway, despite all of this, I’ve watched the first two episodes of the first season of Friday Night Lights. Halfway through the first episode I knew I was hooked. And I. Freaking. Love. This. SHOW!

And to make it better, I watch it streaming on Netflix, through my Wii. I didn’t even know this option existed. But now that I have Netflix, I may never leave my house again. Well, except on Fridays. Because a girl still has to have standards.