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Four Lokos Ban Es Muy Loco

I cannot believe the American public stands idly by as the government whimsically bans products. Who are they to tell us what we can and cannot drink? Of course I realize they have unhealthy things they will allow because they’re in cahoots with the manufacturer (i.e. Monsanto). But in this case, it’s ridiculous. Why do we need an unorganized body of probably uneducated (in the realm of alcohol, nutrition, caffeine, etc.) telling us what we can and can’t do? And why are people applauding?

Instead, why don’t we put the ownership in the public’s hands? Why don’t adults realize their limits? Why do we need a new law every time we turn around? The seat belt law is a similar rights infringement. Is it safer to wear a seat belt? Sure, in general. But do we need someone making sure we do? No. If I don’t want to wear my seat belt, that’s my choice.

Same’s true for mixing alcohol and caffeine. Is it unsafe to drink Four Loko? At somewhere around 12% alcohol (that percentage is a guess), maybe. Is it unsafe to mix it with other hard alcohol and hammer it? Yes. But newsflash, parents! This is what college students do. Four Lokos took off as a product for a few reasons. First, because it’s a cheap drunk. High school and college students are cheap drunks. And not from the tolerance perspective. But that they’ll drink whatever they can afford, whatever they can get their hands on. I did it, too. And let me tell you. At 19, 20, 21, 22, you can recover a lot faster from a hangover “the cheap stuff” gives ya. And if you go cheap, you can afford to drink the next day. And second, and foremost, it took off in popularity because of the media blitz proclaiming the the devil in liquid form. Hell, when I heard they were going to ban it, I wanted to try it just to say I’d had it.

So tell me this, good people. How will the government ban someone from mixing Sailor Jerry’s and Redline? Yeah, you can’t without banning Redline. So, if we ban Redline for percentage of caffeine, then what’s next? Red Bull? Diet Coke? Iced tea?

Get it together, America. Take ownership for your health. We DO NOT want the government having such a predominant hand in our cookie jar. They’re mostly guided by greed, snap reactions and worst of all, a bunch of people who can’t balance a damn budget or keep good on their word. The less government, the better.


Power-Hungry and Entitled

I’m so sick of power-hungry, entitled, cocky a-holes in positions of power. Whether they’re police officers, TSA employees or even someone who holds something over your head that they have that you want. It seems like people in America more and more need and wield this power. People seem significantly unhappy with their lives that they need to transfer this unhappiness on to other people. Or need to have power over other people because they feel powerless in their own lives. It’s frustrating, irritating, and makes America a less great place to live.

Since when does the TSA get the right to do things to me I don’t allow guys to do on the first date. Hell, or even the third! And how is it that when there are simple things like traffic tickets the citizen is guilty until proven innocent, when so many measures are taken to ensure an alleged murderer has more rights. And since when is it OK for a cop to scoff at me and tell me, “Good luck taking that to court.” Insinuating I have no chance because he’s in the position of power and even if he’s wrong the system will assume he’s right.

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Why Do We Idolize?

When I was younger I used to look at certain couples and think I wanted to have a relationship like theirs when I grew up. The idolizing varied from real life couples to fictional characters on TV and in movies. At one point my mom told me that no relationship is perfect, no one’s happy all the time, and to never want someone else’s life because there’s probably a lot in that life you don’t see.

Touche, Mom. Touche.

So, I know I used to be “that person” but quickly grew out of it mid-twenties. Yet, there are people far older and wiser than me who are idolizing Kate and William. Or whoever that girl is that’s marrying that prince. I don’t care if they’re getting married. Just like I don’t care who’s getting married in Hollywood. Hell, sometimes I don’t care if my friends are getting married! OK, that’s a little mean.

But, honestly, their relationship isn’t perfect. There’s a decent chance they’ll divorce. And sure she gets to wear a tiara (I assume, hell I don’t even know if that’s true!). But she’s in the spotlight. She won’t always be beautiful (Sorry, Kate, it’s a matter of fact, not an insult). And she has to follow some guy around for the rest of her life. No thanks.

And I can’t help but wonder if they should be getting married at all considering it wasn’t long ago they called things off…

This is your cynical blogger, logging of.

There’s No Such Thing as Karma

It’s frustrating, but it’s true. And it makes me wonder why the hell I should be a good person. I see no reason.

Bristol Ain’t Gonna Do It. Wouldn’t Be Prudent.

Have you seen the PSA Bristol and The Situation did about abstinence? First of all, well, OK. There is no first of all. There just is. But we have to start somewhere.

1. The whole Jersey Shore cast is on a constant stream of Valtrex because there’s so much unprotected sex. Why is The Sitch talking about abstinence, let alone safe sex?

2. Bristol, it’s easy to say “ain’t gonna do it’ when you aren’t dating someone. Just like with Levi, when you love someone and when you’re pressured, you’ll do it. I’m not judging, I’m just saying. I’m on board with two adults who care about each other knockin’ socks. But be realistic. Saying you aren’t going to do it increases the chances you’ll sneak around, feel guilty, and not use protection.

3.What makes anyone think because Bristol says she’s not going to have sex that anyone else will not have sex? I mean, she got to try it out. That’s half the fun: seeing what the big deal is. Maybe what Bristol should have said is, “Girl! Protect yourself, otherwise you’ll be knocked up with some loser’s kid who isn’t around, uses you for his own purposes, and leaves you.”

Here’s the video:

If He Cheats With You, He’ll Cheat On You

I’m SO sick of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. So sick. They’re lowlifes who had to secure “the next thing” before they’d give up what they had with their spouses. Ultimate in selfish. Then they flaunt their relationship. And act like we should feel sorry for them or think it’s OK. Here’s the deal, idiots, you made vows to someone else. If you want to end that commitment, fine. I mean, it is the American way. But moving on before you’ve given courtesy to the person who’s committed his or her life to you, then humiliating them in the media, then asking for people to understand? Awful.

The good news is one of the two will cheat on the other. If he’ll/she’ll cheat with you, he’ll/she’ll cheat on you. Now accepting wagers on who cheats first. LeAnn’s so full of herself, and Eddie’s such a douche, it’s a tough call. I’m going to be sexist and go with Eddie. But I’m about 53% leaning toward Eddie, and 47% leaning toward her. So it’s pretty much a toss up.

Good luck in your engagement!