An Energy Drink In Review: Red Line Princess (Part 2)

Well, I got Red Line, drank it the first day and thought it was going to change my life. The bottle is 8 ounces, a serving is 4 ounces and I drank 2 ounces. I was giggly, happy, energized, euphoric, and even went on a cleaning stint when I got home from work. Apparently THIS is the high drug addicts chase but never relive because since then I’ve had anywhere from 2-4 ounces and not only do I not get the happy, giggly feeling. I don’t feel super-energized and have never relived the need to clean.

The other possibility is I had just finished a massage about 20 minutes before my first Red Line experience so that relaxed euphoria may have mixed with Red Line for the perfect high of energy and happiness.

Regardless, I haven’t had it since.

The taste, though, is good. And I suppose it gives me about as much energy as Five Hour Energy without the disgusting taste. I still normally drink only about 2 ounces (knowing the original high will never be again).


A+ for the original high
A for taste
B for energy
D for what it promised versus what it delivered – although I realize I could shotgun an entire 8 ounces


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