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“Melissa” on Bobby Bones is Crazy, Selfish

So there’s this chick (who calls herself Melissa) who went on Bobby Bones this week talking about how she has herpes but doesn’t tell her sexual partners. She says it’s OK because the MOST OF THE TIME they use condoms and she doesn’t sleep with them when she has an outbreak. Show listeners called the show, rightfully outraged. And “Melissa” now claims she’s called her lawyer (who she probably keeps on retainer because her sexual partners are suing her for purposefully ruining their lives) has agreed this is defamation of character.

Not sure how her character was defamed when she called into the show, she didn’t give her real name, and her voice was changed. But, that’s not really my point. My point is, selfish people do selfish things. She wanted to be on the show for herself. She wants to have sex with people without taking responsibility for the mess she’s gotten herself into. She doesn’t care if she passes anything onto anyone else, incurable or otherwise, because she already has it so why does she care? And now she wants to sue for people telling her she’s selfish?

Awful, awful people in this world, I tell you. I don’t know who raises these people, but they’re doing something terribly wrong for them to grow up so selfish.

Everyone, don’t trust the people you’re sleeping with. Even if you’re in a relationship with them.

Here’s the scoop, “Melissa:” You’re awful. I hope karma gets you.