Ronnie and Sammi Are Still Together

I’ve seen lots of posts and wondering whether Ronnie and Sammi are still together. As of February 7th (less than a week ago), they are. Just follow Ronnie on Twitter. Or you could follow Sammi (you’ll have to look her up, I’m not even going to give her the consideration of a link) if you want to hear her talk about how beautiful, or read her tweets pretending she’s deep and profound. I think Ronnie’s too boring to follow. But I think Sammi’s too vapid. And they’ll probably end up married because girls like Sammi generally get the guy. The sooner you accept that, the easier life is. The good news is, most of the guys who end up with girls like Sammi are the insecure ones. And we don’t want those dudes, anyway!

Here’s his tweet on February 7th:

Missing Cali already. But it sure does feel good to be home. Beyond exhausted. R & R w/ @MTVsammi.. Now that’s what’s up! 6:16 PM Feb 7th from UberTwitter


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