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Rick Santorum – Idiot and Bigot Extraordinaire

OK, I don’t know crap about Rick Santorum. I don’t have a clue if this asshat is making these statements to get attention or publicity or to entertain the thoughts of self-righteous Christians around the country (I won’t pretend they don’t exist, I grew up in middle-America and know they do, and it’s sad). But I cannot believe any adult, especially one proclaiming to be educated or to want to lead a country, would say this shit. Seriously. I can’t believe it.

And what is more mind-boggling is how he’s using religion (the bible) as his reasoning for his beliefs, but debunks the APA because they’re a group of like-minded individuals. What’s religion? A group of people with like-minded beliefs coming together and expanding on those beliefs. You know how there are people who talk but don’t hear what they’re saying? This guy is that bigot.

See, his problem is he assumes Americans are lemmings. He thinks we’ll believe anyone with a perfectly pressed shirt and an ability to speak. Or that we’ll nod without listening. Sure, I know a lot of people might do that. And many people, like you, Rick, are too scared to form their own beliefs, and instead believe the nearest person who SOUNDS intelligent. Well, we’re onto you. Furthermore, you Rick Santorum, are INDEED a bigot. And since you are clearly unintelligent (quick, someone verify he even attend classes and didn’t pay someone else to), let me tell you what a bigot is.

 Courtesy of Merriam-Webster.

“Definition of BIGOT

: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
big·ot·ed \-gə-təd\ adjective
big·ot·ed·ly adverb
Examples of BIGOT
  1. He was labeled a bigot after making some offensive comments.
  2. <an incorrigible bigot who hasn’t entertained a new thought in years>
  3. “It’s scandalous,” he said, in the tones once used by Colonel Blimp, Britain’s best-loved bigot, who adorned the pages of the Evening Standard throughout the 1930s. —Nicholas Fraser, Harper’s, September 1996″

Me again! Since Rick’s challenged in the intelligence department, I’ll take you through this like we’re in third grade. It’s OK, I don’t mind. I think education is always worth the time and money.

  • Is he obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices? Yes, clearly he can’t listen to a college student. He cuts her off. Calls a “time out.” Who does that? And then tries to tell her not only is she wrong, he tries to insult her to shut her up. Classic move, dick. Er, Rick. No, I mean dick. That’s what controlling assholes do. They cut someone off so they can’t speak their mind because they’re terrified of logic coming out. Then flip the situation to insult and demean the other person. For reference, please see any episode of Jersey Shore. Ronnie and Sammi have this mastered.
  • Is he one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance? Maybe not a racial or ethnic group, but a group. Oh, hell yes.

If someone wants to spew hate in the privacy of their own home (or church). Fine. But you can’t lead a country (or company or anything else) when your mindset is hate and closed-mindedness. And when you don’t HEAR those around you who you’re supposed to be speaking for. For some inane reason this guy went into a college and expected to get a bunch of head nods and general acceptance. But instead was called out for his hatred and intolerance. And this hate and intolerance was backed by religion. I believe this guy is Catholic. Where the hell are the “leaders” of the Catholic church? Why don’t THEY come out and say they don’t condone, teach or tolerate this vomit? No, I’m being serious. And you can throw little boys and priest jokes at me. But that’s a totally different issue. Many people claim it has to do with homosexuality, but that’s just another way to bash and discriminate. No, the issue is, priests work with children. Pedophiles find a way to work with children. And the priesthood is an easy way to monopolize that position. It’s further aggravated by the fact that the Catholic church will cover up the actions of these pedophiles to keep their good name clean.

So why aren’t these same Catholics speaking out to keep their good name clean? I’m being dead serious here. And I’ll wait and wait and wait and no one in the Catholic religion will do such a thing. Why? Cowards. They’re too scared to speak up. Too scared to go against the herd. Too scared to put to rest the bigotry perpetuated by “their book.” The book they claim to follow. All you do is condone these thoughts and these actions of intolerance and hate when you don’t speak up. All you’re doing is making it OK for “Christians” to spew hate and hurt someone who has done nothing to deserve it. And for that, the Catholic religion (and any other Christian religion who does not speak up and say this isn’t right) holds less credence to me and many young people. Who’s going to build your fancy churches with your big bricked hallways if you can’t find young people to follow you? And where will you find young people with such antiquated beliefs and intolerance. Soon all of Christianity will be Westboro Baptist Church. I’m sure at one point ole Freddy Phelps was normal, then an outspoken douchebag like Rick, then when people didn’t disagree with him his hate spiraled. And here we are today. Everyone’s disgusted with Westboro in general. But I actually hear people saying, “But you know, their church is actually going by the bible with their beliefs about [insert homosexual slur].” REALLY? So you can see it’s ridiculous to hate those fighting in war. But you can’t see ridiculousness in hating another group? Get it together “Christians.”

Don’t use God’s name or a man-run religion to back up your un-Christian-like and immoral spewings. You are as bad as Westboro. And if you can’t see that, maybe America really is going down the drain.

But I’ve lost track of the point because there’s so much going on here.

Dude’s a bigot. And hypocrite. But most bigots are. It’s sad, really. I feel sorry for you, Rick Santorum. With your “perfect” outfit. And your “perfect” wife. And your “perfect” family. And your “perfect” haircut. You know what? Maybe you should learn to be yourself, rather than being who you think everyone else wants you to be. Maybe you should develop a thought of your own or question an institution that’s out-dated and led by a bunch of people who agree with one another. If you want to truly learn, grow, and be leadership material, you will walk into a room of those who disagree with you and LISTEN. Listen to their perspective. And be open-minded.

And realize religion should be about acceptance, tolerance, love, understanding and being a good, moral, ethical person.

That, and I hope your wife and children forgive you when you come out of the closet. Because you will. Eventually. God speed.


Micro-Management – The Water That Sinks The Otherwise Motivated Employee’s Boat

I hate being micro-managed. I’m a fully capable, motivated employee. If you want to know what I’m doing or why, ask. If you want to make me wait a week or a month or a year to start a project, fine. But here’s the thing: If I’m motivated to fix/improve/update something, why would you tell me to wait so we can talk about it? Especially when it’s a miniscule change with no impact? And especially when I have time before the upcoming holiday that I won’t have by the time we can talk. 

And what, exactly, will we talk about? It’s clear, in my manager’s eyes, I’m not capable of making good decisions and not a competent employee. I’ve NEVER been micro-managed in my life. And now, in my thirties, and ten year into a career in this field, I need to be micro-managed. No matter what I do it’s not good enough, is selfish and is not acceptable. I feel like I COULD be an integral part of what used to be a team. The team mantra no longer exists. And my consistently beat down self-esteem and resulting attitude has made me lose focus and motivation. I honestly no longer care.

Too Pretty To Do Homework?

OK, so I know I’m not the first or only person to comment on this, but let me give you my perspective. As a girl (well, I guess woman), and someone in the “real” world. JCPenney had a shirt in their tweens department that says, “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” Click here for the MSN article. Or search for it. I’m sure plenty of news sources have covered it.

First of all, the shirt’s supposed to be sarcastic. No one gets sarcasm anymore. It’s the downfall of society, really. Can’t we laugh at stuff? Everyone’s so damn serious. It’s boring. Second of all, let’s be honest ladies, it’s true. Your looks can totally get you through life. It’s been proven that better looking people are given more leeway in life. They are regarded more positively and more likely to be trusted. Since they started televising presidential debates (JFK’s election), the elected official has decidedly been the better looking one. It’s a fact of life. And trust me, I watch many men (consciously or otherwise, I’m not placing blame) giving leeway to the prettier girls/ladies/women around here. And many (although definitely not all) of them use it to their advantage. Play stupid and giggly. “Oh she didn’t mean to do that.”

I was raised to be accountable, independent, responsible and take work seriously. And I watch many pretty girls (again, not all!) take the ditzy way out. Look, it’s not cute you can’t lift a box. And it’s not funny you didn’t deposit my paycheck into the right account. And it’s not sweet that you don’t know what a 401(k) is or that STDs exist. Take effing accountability for yourselves, ladies!

But I’m digressing.

My point is, you CAN use your looks to get you a better paying job. Or out of doing work or knowing everything you should know about your job. It’s true. The shirt’s right. Although just because you’re cute when you’re 13 doesn’t mean you will be when you’re 18 or 25 or 55. So you’re latching yourself to a fleeting shooting star. There are many things you can do to keep your appearance up, but there are also lots of things out of your control. So keep that in mind. Smarts and drive lasts forever. OK, not forever. But mostly forever.

And for those girls who don’t even plan on getting a job, your looks will help you here, too. You’re more likely to marry a bajillionaire. And of this, I’m jealous. OK, a little. I’d honestly rather find a guy I truly connect with and am in love with. (Much like Danny and Annie – I’d be in the poorhouse to find “my Danny.”) But I’m 31, haven’t found anyone even worth dating seriously, and am losing hope there’s anyone just right for me. Don’t feel bad for me. I’m happy single. I’m not lonely. In fact, most days I’m wishing there were MORE hours! And weekends are on a whole different needed hours level. But, let’s be real. Do you see a tycoon married to a dumpy girl? Sure, it happens, but those connections are probably more like Danny and Annie than Hef and a Playmate. Probably high school sweethearts.

And when it goes sour because you can be replaced with a younger model? Yep, you got it right, you’ll get alimony or some other divorce settlement. If you had kids, even better!

So that’s the real deal, society. We make this shirt real. Sure it’s sarcastic, but sarcasm comes from truth. And the truth is, if you’re pretty, you have an advantage. Will your brother do your homework because he thinks you’re pretty? Probably not. But society and bosses (i.e. your parents) might make him do extra work because you’re so pretty.

It’s life. Get used to it.

And I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’m bad-looking, but I definitely wouldn’t categorize myself as “hot.” And there are MANY times I’m glad I’m not that hot girl. I’m taken seriously, I’m rarely given the run around (although I have had my moments) and I’m never used as arm candy. I know people respect me at work for me, for my mind, for my work. And I know guys who are interested are interested in me and our connection. There’s some comfort in that. So for all of you girls who aren’t pretty enough to have someone do your homework, it’s not a bad deal. Looks are NOT everything. I have had plenty of interest from guys, and because I’m smart, I am selective! And I’ve made it very far in my job. And don’t spend hours getting ready every morning. It’s not a bad gig!