Husbands More Likely To Cheat If Wife Makes More… So We Shouldn’t Aspire?

As everyone knows I’m an avid Bobby Bones Show listener. Today on their website was the recap of a study that found men whose wives make more than them are more likely to cheat. It also said men whose wives are financially dependent on them are more likely to cheat. As well as stay at home dads. The article ended saying, “”So take heed, girls! You’ll never have a stable or happy family life if you endeavor to shame and emasculate your husband by pursuing your own dreams and goals. Make his goals your goals. Helping him achieve his dreams should become your dream.

What the wha-what? I HAVE to assume this was sarcastic. I didn’t hear them read or talk about this segment on the show. But when it’s on their site like this I HAVE to believe there are girls out there reading it and not seeing it as sarcastic.

Here’s an idea, girls, if you make lots of money, hold out for a dude who makes MORE! Shit yeah! Screw this marrying for love thing. Clearly that doesn’t work. Find a dude who has LOTS of stuff going for him. No one wants a leech anyway, right?

If men are so damn insecure they can’t handle having a successful wife, why is this OUR problem? Women, by and far, make less money than men doing the same job. We accept that. So if the rare occasion comes that the wife makes more, she’s supposed to, what? Give up HER dreams? Or say she makes three times as much as him. Should she give up her job so Mr. Pouty Pants can feel secure? Jesus Christ. Girls! When you come across such an insecure loser, dump his worthless ass! Clearly you’re a successful woman with lots going for you, harness it, dump the crap, and UPGRADE!

Someone who listened to this segment (I’ll check the podcast when it’s available), PLEASE tell me this line was sarcastic.


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  1. Posted by Kim on August 26, 2010 at 1:18 am

    YIKES! I have heard all of this, but I truly believe the jerks that are cheating would be cheating regardless of the situation, the situation is just what they are using as a cover up!


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