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Farrah and Pauly D Would Be a Good Couple. Let Me Count The Ways…

Even though the rumor has been debunked, here’s my list of reasons Pauly D and Farrah would be a good couple.

  1. After his run with the Israeli, I’m convinced Pauly likes the drama. Farrah’s for sure drama.
  2. Pauly wants someone hot and slutty. Hello? 16 and pregnant, with a bounced back body! BAM! No grenade here!
  3. Pauly likes tan. Farrah’s tan.
  4. Farrah needs to get away from her literally choke-holding mother. Pauly could make this happen.
  5. For the way he’s treated so many women, Pauly’s karma is setting him up to be with someone with a voice like Farrah’s.
  6. I can see Farrah at The Shore while Sophia stays with Grandma Farrah. It seems like a perfect fit.
  7. Farrah likes douchebags.
  8. They’re both reality show stars. They can relate.
  9. The rumor started somehow. Probably by Farrah. She’s a little delusional. Again, like the Israeli. And Pauly admitted he thinks she’s hot.
  10. She would totally be into GTL.
  11. Farrah would beat up beats, smile fondly and coddle a vodka cranberry while Pauly spins.
  12. She would jump aboard the Pauly D train, straddling him mid-dance/fist pump. Much like JWow.
  13. I don’t see Farrah with blonde hair extensions, but I do see her not showering for several days. Pauly’s style.
  14. I don’t think Farrah could beat up JWow and she might have to. Unless she invites JWow in the bed with them. Which I can see her doing.

Match made in MTV reality TV heaven? I think so. Pound it up in this one, Pauly D!  Smoosh her.