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“Calls Themselves Westboro Baptist Church”

I heard the most genius thing on the radio the other day… This guy who gives news briefs and traffic reports (and I love him, by the way, I don’t even know his name) commented on how the Phelps family DIDN’T protest in Goddard and Marion as expected (over the same weekend as Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral). And he said, “The Phelps family, who calls themselves Westboro Baptist Church.”

Yes! Why didn’t I think of that? I’ve read in several places that they’ve lost their tax exemption and their affiliation as a church. Everyone needs to start calling them “the group formerly known as Westboro.” Then slowly degrade on the things that makes them even crazier to the media and people outside of Kansas.

In Kansas we know they aren’t really a church. But non-Kansans often believe this is how we do church in Kansas. News flash: It’s not. And if they are no longer affiliated with a church backing, then maybe their craziness will start to lose steam. I mean, they’ll still be crazy, but instead of being a “church,” they’ll just be a loony toon family. And somehow it seems like that will make them have less of an impact on anything else abroad.

So, for all you out there wondering:

The Phelps family is NOT A CHURCH. They used to be Westboro. Focus on USED TO.

And as I’ve always said, the best thing to do is ignore them. Don’t counter-protest them. Illogical people don’t see logic. Their illogical thought is logical to them. You can’t talk to the stubborn. They’re all of these things. And all they’re trying to do is get a reaction out of you. Give them a reaction and they’re reinforced. Ignore them and they lose their steam. Will they stop? Who knows. They definitely protest less in Topeka because Topekans ignore them. Way to go, Topeka! And the Patriot Guard Riders don’t acknowledge them directly. Instead, they drown out their protests with their motorcycle engines and hide them from sight with American flags. They don’t speak to the group, don’t show emotion, and in fact, also don’t speak at all during the funerals.

Carry on.

Editor’s Note: Here’s the link to the denial of tax exemption I was referring to, along with all of the appeals. As far as I know, they’ve never been re-approved as a church. This is referencing a truck, but I believe they have or slowly are losing all tax exemption.