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Divorced? Blame Someone Else, Then Sue!

Have you heard about this yahoo who’s blaming “The Marriage Ref” for his failed relationship? Classic. This is why the divorce rate is so high. He admits he and his wife (at the time) went on the show to air their relationship issues for a little cash and fame. Um, hello. Clearly the problem is with you, dude. I would never air any of my problems for the world just for a little money. And DEFINITELY not for fame. Especially anything marriage-related.

And he says this caused his wife to become a fame whore.

Newsflash, douchebag. She was always a fame whore, but never had the stage to let her whore flag fly! And you can’t tell me you didn’t know she was a fame whore. Let’s be real, people. We all know people who are strangely obessed with becoming famous. It’s normal for a 10 year old girl to want to be famous. But those dreams usually fade when the reality of life sets in. And you realize fame isn’t where it’s at. Friends, family, memories are the things you aim toward. Well, at least well adjusted people do. Some people crave the fame, even into their forties, apparently. Thank God these aren’t my parents.

To these idiots, all I can say is, you valued fame over the sanctity of your marriage. And you reaped what you sowed. In other words, you deserved it. So shut the hell up!


Four Lokos Ban Es Muy Loco

I cannot believe the American public stands idly by as the government whimsically bans products. Who are they to tell us what we can and cannot drink? Of course I realize they have unhealthy things they will allow because they’re in cahoots with the manufacturer (i.e. Monsanto). But in this case, it’s ridiculous. Why do we need an unorganized body of probably uneducated (in the realm of alcohol, nutrition, caffeine, etc.) telling us what we can and can’t do? And why are people applauding?

Instead, why don’t we put the ownership in the public’s hands? Why don’t adults realize their limits? Why do we need a new law every time we turn around? The seat belt law is a similar rights infringement. Is it safer to wear a seat belt? Sure, in general. But do we need someone making sure we do? No. If I don’t want to wear my seat belt, that’s my choice.

Same’s true for mixing alcohol and caffeine. Is it unsafe to drink Four Loko? At somewhere around 12% alcohol (that percentage is a guess), maybe. Is it unsafe to mix it with other hard alcohol and hammer it? Yes. But newsflash, parents! This is what college students do. Four Lokos took off as a product for a few reasons. First, because it’s a cheap drunk. High school and college students are cheap drunks. And not from the tolerance perspective. But that they’ll drink whatever they can afford, whatever they can get their hands on. I did it, too. And let me tell you. At 19, 20, 21, 22, you can recover a lot faster from a hangover “the cheap stuff” gives ya. And if you go cheap, you can afford to drink the next day. And second, and foremost, it took off in popularity because of the media blitz proclaiming the the devil in liquid form. Hell, when I heard they were going to ban it, I wanted to try it just to say I’d had it.

So tell me this, good people. How will the government ban someone from mixing Sailor Jerry’s and Redline? Yeah, you can’t without banning Redline. So, if we ban Redline for percentage of caffeine, then what’s next? Red Bull? Diet Coke? Iced tea?

Get it together, America. Take ownership for your health. We DO NOT want the government having such a predominant hand in our cookie jar. They’re mostly guided by greed, snap reactions and worst of all, a bunch of people who can’t balance a damn budget or keep good on their word. The less government, the better.