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I’m Single – That’s How I Wanna Be

I have had a weekend of feeling super adjusted and satisfied with my life. Mostly I just coast through weekends and don’t pay much attention. Then this weekend I hit a trifecta with a bonus moment.

First, hung out with some single friends Friday. One engaged couple, but the rest single. Had a fantastic time. Sometimes I feel like if I had a boyfriend or husband I’d miss those moments or at least occasionally have to pass. But, instead, we ate, drank and had a great time. Win.

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I’m Single, That’s How I Wanna Be!

Today on the Bobby Bones Show, Bobby was talking about how men and women are viewed differently when they’re single at thirty. Bobby said men are viewed as keeping their options open, but people look at a woman who’s thirty and single and think, “What’s wrong with her? Why’s she still alone?” And, for the record, this isn’t what Bobby thinks. This is what society as a whole thinks. And I agree.

I feel like at my age, men who are single (for whatever reason they’re single is inconsequential) are viewed as bachelors. But women my age are seen as failures or screw-ups. And I realize right or wrong, this is how society sees it. Bobby says the playing field levels at forty, when people also start to wonder what’s wrong with a single dude that he can’t get married.

Rather than going on about whether it’s right or wrong there’s a gender bias (bias of any kind is hard to prove as right or wrong, because they’re perceptions, and our perceptions are our reality), I’d rather hit on a few reasons I personally am single, and how I prefer being single to married.

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