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Des and Brooks – Typical Doomed Relationship

I swore I’d never speak of The Bachelor(ette) again in writing, but I can’t resist. Someone drag my soapbox over here because I need to put all this poop in one generalized group and tell you what’s wrong with people in the dating pool.

  • People like Des want what they can’t have. The person they like doesn’t like them back, so to make up for it, they love harder. This makes them feel like they’re in love. What’s really happening is over-compensating. In Des’s case, this is compounded by feeling like she’s in a position of power. Don’t get me wrong, falling in love in like seven or nine weeks (or whatever the other sucker whose unrequited love for Des will send him on a spiral next week, and probably in real life as he watched how little she really cared said) is totally unrealistic. But I do think it’s possible in seven or nine weeks to know if you’re not the right fit. Hell, I think it’s possible to know in tow or three dates, honestly. If you don’t feel it you don’t feel it. Anyway, Brooks has always been unsure and distant, less emotionally attached than the others. And Des has always been drawn to this. Why? Who the hell knows, but I see it all the time.
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    Teen Mom Recap: Birthdays, Breakups and Bitching

    Well, Teen Mom finally came to a close this week. Ninety beautiful minutes of a close, that is. And I think I can sum up the entire season as well as I can sum up the finale.

    Catelynn and Tyler are engaged. I have a strange feeling these two will go the distance. They’re each others’ rocks, and the only stability they seem to have in their little world. I watch them and part of me wishes I found someone who gets me and loves me exactly as I am. But then I get over that when I realize my life overall is so much more stable. I wish them the best not only in their relationship, but dealing with the adoption of their daughter. I can’t imagine how hard that must be, but at the same time I think they did the right thing. They don’t have the support from their parents, or any adults, that they would need to have made raising a child work. I think they will hurt the rest of their lives, but that doesn’t mean it was the wrong decision. Sometimes in life you make a decision you hurt about for the rest of your life, even if you’re only sixteen. And making the right decision isn’t always the selfish one.

    I would like to lump Farrah and Amber and their spoiled brat, whiney ass voiced attitudes and self-centered perspectives into one lonely paragraph. These two are awful, not ready to be parents, and bitch more than anyone should let them get away with. Farrah will probably be fine. She’s focused on school, her parents are picking up the slack, and she’ll probably spend the rest of her life making her daughter a distant second to whatever she wants. But there are plenty of parents out there that way. You don’t have to be an adult to act that way. And Amber? Oh, Amber. You don’t seem to have much of a reason to act as spoiled as you do, but I cannot believe anyone puts up with your constant bitching. She’s young, so it’s normal to focus on now (her job) rather than the future (her GED and college). Gary is lazy so he will have a hard time finding much better than Amber, but there’s no way he wants to live with her forever. Best of luck to all of them, I suppose.

    That leaves us with Maci. And her pathetic excuse of a baby daddy, Ryan. If I could punch Ryan only once it would probably relieve a lot of my man rage. I suppose he deserves credit for being so out there with how little he cares about Bentley, and she’s the idiot for sticking it out with him. It seems like he’s so removed from the situation he’s only sticking around because she seems to have a very close relationship with his family. They obviously know he’s not going to find someone better, and it seems like she was raised with the antiquated idea that the mom and dad need to be together to make Bentley whole. In this case, Bentley will better off without him around all the time. She’s only subjecting him to the same recurring hurt feelings she’s dealing with time and again. Of course, she won’t know this until Bentley’s old enough to react, and she’s doing what she thinks is best. She’s being a mom, putting Bentley (and everything else) before her needs. She’ll be able to find a great guy someday. It’ll be hard so young to find a guy who’s her age and ready to be a dad, but she’s a good mom and there are lots of guys out there who will appreciate Maci and love Bentley as much as if he were his own. I wish Maci the best. And wish Ryan’s parents would cut him loose and make him be a man.

    Anyway, that’s all I’ve got! Best of luck to all of these young girls. I’m so thankful I wasn’t a teen mom. Most days I think I’m not ready to be a mom in my thirties!