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Seven Signs a Dude’s a Douchebag, And You Shouldn’t Date Him

  1. He drinks Red Stripe beer – Sorry, gentleman. If you drink it, no one should date you.
  2. He likes techno music – He’s on drugs or just a plain douche. Or both. Deal breaker.
  3. He wears pink – I’ve told guys it’s OK to wear pink. And that’s your choice. But I wouldn’t date you.
  4. He wears or owns anything Ed Hardy or Hollister – Yup. Douche.
  5. He’s involved in a class-action lawsuits – Anyone who’s trying to get money for free? Douchebag.
  6. He wears jewelry – Jewelry’s for girls.
  7. It takes him longer to get ready than you – He needs to get over himself.