Boston Police Sergeant Sean Murphy Should Be Reprimanded – It’s Not OK To Level The Playing Field

Oh my God. Most Americans. So extreme. So short-sighted. So stupid.

Alright, that’s not fair. I’m basing my stereotype on the shit people write in the comments section of an article. But for real, what’s wrong with people?

They don’t want a police officer reprimanded for breaking one of their internal policies? Do they understand what policies are for? Do they want policies broken “because it was OK this time” when their family member is in jail? Do they want policies disregarded when it’s their child’s case? Do they want little policies thrown out now, and then in five years, those policies forgotten, it’s not such a big deal to break bigger policies?

Plus, in my opinion I think proved nothing.

Yeah, I said it. What a waste. If you’re going to break policy, at least make it worth it. I work at a financial institution and all the time I say, “I’m not going to get fired over a hundred (or a thousand) dollars. If I’m going to commit fraud, it’s going to be a one-shot deal. As much as I can get to live on. With a well-planned get-away.” Do I intend to do that? No. But the point is, if I’m going to break the rules at work, I’m going to make it worth it.

What am I talking about? These stupid-ass pictures of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev released by the Boston police officer. I don’t get it. I don’t get how these pictures prove anything or change perception. I see a bloodied kid, surrendering. If there was a moment in the chaos that he suddenly became a human again and less of a monster, it’s when he surrendered. When he was fighting for his life. And if I remember correctly, at that point, the majority of people wanted him saved so he could explain why he did it. (Then he explained why he did it and no one was satisfied. But I digress.)

If the police officer was going to release something that showed the true terrorist side of Tsarnaev, they should have released pictures on that street in Watertown, when the brothers were throwing bombs and shooting. They should have released images of the hostage, running for his life. They should have released more real proof of the crimes committed. Fuck, release the damn statement, written in blood, for why he did it.

But showing a kid, weak, defeated, bloodied, dying, barely able to stand doesn’t do it for me.

Of course, seeing his picture on the cover of Rolling Stone didn’t change my opinion or perception of him, either. I think he plotted the death of people. And carried it out stoically. I think he’s evil and don’t think he should see the light of day.

Of course, like always, I’ll go into the trial, taking in as much information as is given by both sides and am open to being wrong and changing my mind.

But at this second, I think he and his brother are guilty. And seeing a picture (which I’d seen before a hundred times) on Rolling Stone doesn’t make me think he’s any less guilty. It makes me sad to read the story inside – a story of a kind, quiet child, and a hero older brother. But, just because you were kind or are kind doesn’t mean you aren’t simultaneously evil and immoral. And in the case of these two, they harnessed their capacity to kill, and carried it out. I don’t think Dzhokhar is any less evil because of Rolling Stone. And if anything, the pictures released by the police department make me see a defeated person. Surrendering. I always think about rock bottoms. Could that have been his? Could this be what he needed to make a new life?

On the other hand, while it’s reported he did make a full confession, he hasn’t shown any remorse. So despite how defeated he is, I think he should go to jail for the rest of his life, if convicted.

And, really, I wish the police WOULD release more pictures. But only because I’m nosy. But, in the meantime, I think a rules infraction should be disciplined as documented in police department policy, despite the publicity level of the case. The way the law’s written, Tsarnaev isn’t even “guilty,” yet. The police should be there to protect and serve. Not dole out punishment or level the playing field when, for three days, it seems to not be level. The Rolling Stone article will soon be forgotten. And the trial has yet to take place. Just wait for justice to prevail. If we have a fair legal system, it will. And of all people, police officers have to believe in the system.


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