Marathon Bomber: He Hated America – So Why Bury Him Here?

I’m hardly alone on this sentiment, but decided to write up a quick (ok, nothing I write is quick) little diddy about why I feel how I feel about burying the Boston Marathon bomber, what’s-his-name.

First, it’s important to footnote that I know a terrorist is just someone who instills terror. However, in this case, my definition of “terrorist” is the more modern understanding of the word. It’s someone who hates America and kills people to prove his (or her) hate. Sometimes these terrorists do it in the name of Islam, other times in the name of God, other times in the name of “fuck you, I’m crazy.”

In the case of “fuck you, I’m crazy” it’s tough. If the person really does have a mental illness, it’s tough. In the case that the terrorist actually is an American and only has family in America, it’s slightly more complicated.

But in this case? Take his fucking body and get the fuck out of our country. Seriously. This fuckoff wasn’t even an American. He was denied being an American because he’s a douchebag who beat his girlfriend/wife. He states that he doesn’t have one single American friend because he doesn’t understand Americans. He spent time learning to build bombs, built bombs, planned at least one (sounds like multiple) attacks because he was so filled with anger that he wanted to kill unsuspecting, innocent people. He hated this country. His parents didn’t even like it enough to stick around after we saved them from their shitty, war-torn country, and financed their lives.

So, if he hates America so much, what makes his family think he’d want to be buried here? Bury him with “his people.” Those who hate America. Those who preach and teach this terrorism crap. Take him back there. He believed in their cause enough to die for it. Let his rotting body rest there.

First and foremost, no cemetery in America should be dumb enough to accept his body. They’re opening themselves up to constant vandalism. The families of the others in that cemetery will never find peace when visiting, and the cemetery will pay over and over to clean up the hate. Hell, if I visited the cemetery where his body was laid to rest, I might take a shit on his grave. And trust me, I’ve never shit anywhere but in a toilet (well, a diaper I guess, but I don’t remember those days). It’s not my thing. But get this piece of shit out of our country, or be cleaning up the shit of real Americans who hate those who try to trample on our freedoms.

Second, I feel like his family wants to do this as a final “fuck you” to Americans. There’s word his mom was one of the biggest motivators in this plot. Of course she wants him buried here. She wants to sit back at home, feet kicked up, laughing at “the stupid Americans who let us bury him there.” She doesn’t care about her son. Anyone who puts their son in harm’s way rather than doing the dirty work herself is no mother. She’s no parent. She’s a disgusting, vile, selfish human being. I don’t know a single good parent who uses their child to get what they want. Bad parents? Sure. And she’s one of them. When she comes back to America, I say take her into custody and put her in a cell with her son’s rotting body. She’s a big reason he’s dead. He killed three innocent people and injured hundreds more. He took limbs and mobility a countless number of people. No one in that crowd had any defense. A real man would have stood up for what he believed in and fought with someone equally armed. Or, you know, stopped being a douchebag and gone back to the country that he loved. But his mom encourages him to do this. And now she wants him buried here. It doesn’t make any sense. Take your terrorist son and get the fuck out.

I don’t get why he even stayed here (except to carry out this plot). He hated America. Why keep coming back? Just stay in Russia with your people. Sit around waxing poetic on how evolved and deep and religious and righteous you are. Talk about how you see the truth and the real meaning of life. But then come back to America and live off the system. Don’t bother getting a real job and learn to be an adult, a man. Instead be a crybaby mama’s boy who can’t think for himself.

And I don’t get why his family wants him buried here. It doesn’t make sense. He wasn’t an American citizen. He hated America. He attacked America. He wouldn’t want to be buried here. And why the family’s trying to force the issue is beyond me. There’s no sense in it, so the only logic one can make is it’s a last-ditch effort to shove the attacks in our faces. Stay strong, America. Kick his terrorist dead ass out of the country.


Edited: After reading more today it turns out the family DOES want him flown back to Russia. So, fly him back to Russia? It’s like they think the US owes them something. What the hell do we owe you? You hate us, you hate our country, you hate the religious freedom we stand for. You want your terrorist son? Pay to have him flown to you!

In the meantime, it sounds like the only thing between this pieces of asswipe and an incinerator is that someone respects his religion. I don’t know why anyone cares. Did this guy respect us? It doesn’t even sound like he was a very good Muslim. Most Muslims denounce him, too. I say fire up the incinerator, burn his body, dump it in a box, and ship it to Russia. Care of whoever the hell actually gives a damn. Because we don’t. And rightfully so.

Would you want someone to pay to give your sister’s rapist a dignified burial? Or your dad’s murderer? Or the pedophile who ruined your nephew’s life? No. So I say, “Family doesn’t claim this yahoo in 24 hours, he’s getting cremated.” If the family doesn’t step up and care enough to take care of it, then let the matter go. Stop writing about it. And stop dragging everyone through it. It’s sensationalism by the media, but it’s also being drawn out by those who don’t put their foot down and do the right thing. This guy deserves no respect. Stop pretending he does. He didn’t make a mistake. He deliberately caused harm to thousands of people. Don’t make a mistake by giving him more respect than he deserves (anything more than none is too much).

There’s a huge difference between him and making concessions for someone poor, or a prostitute, or a drug addict, or a homeless person. This is someone who insulted the government. Please don’t let the government reward this behavior. Don’t spend a dime on this guy. No one wants his body? Burn it and toss it in the trash.


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