It Has To Be MY Idea

I feel like the older I get, either I’m more aware of our self-centered society, society becomes more self-involved as they age, or the whole damn world only thinks about themselves. No matter what, it’s a bleak and frustrating revelation. Over the past few months, I’ve realized how often people only like their ideas. Not only that, they dislike ideas when they’re presented by someone else, but hours, days or weeks later will represent the idea as their own, and think it’s the best thing since canned beer. This happens at work, when brainstorming the best way to approach a new product or service or resolve a recurring efficiency or service problem. This happens at home with simple things like what to do, when to get together, where to go.

It makes me wonder, do these people only hate the ideas because they aren’t their own? Or do they simply consider it long enough before dismissing it? And do they honestly not remember who are the suggestion to begin with when they represent it as their own?

These are the meaningless things I think about and grow frustrated with. And the things that make me cynical that there are any good, honest, real people left in the world who think about anyone other than themselves.


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