This Chik-fil-a debacle is about as stupid as those “if you love your mom click “like” otherwise keep scrolling.” It’s just a bunch of dumbasses puffing their chests, trying to be better than one another.

And meanwhile, the crappy food places of America profit on our stupidity.

The part I find hilarious is those who clearly are bigots are hiding behind freedom of speech. Yet, they’re saying those protesting (also exercising their right to their own opinion) are intolerant. I don’t see how one exists without the other? They’re saying those who are intolerant of those who are intolerant are the bad guys.

When I say giving money to any corporation stupid (or smart??) enough to bring such a controversial issue into their business politics is the stupidest thing of all.

Here’s the thing, so come out and admit you don’t support equal right. For whatever reason, I don’t even care. Blame it on the bible, blame it on “good values” blame it on being a hick. It’s really inconsequential. Just admit you don’t want everyone to have equal rights. There. That’s your right. You can believe whatever you want. Much as you can believe non-men and/or non-whites are inferior. You can also believe in God. Or believe there’s no god. You can believe Joe Paterno is a hero. Hell, you can believe the sky is green and filled with Skittles if you want. No one can stop you from BELIEVING. No one anywhere can stop anyone from having beliefs. The beauty of America is we also can’t stop people from expressing those beliefs. I can walk around all day saying, “Look at that green sky! I can’t wait for it to rain Skittles at 3:00!” I mean, someone MIGHT be able to get away with throwing me in a mental ward with a 5150, but chances are if I’m not hurting anyone, most people will ignore me or let me be. Also a nice thing about America. We mostly care about ourselves.

Except when someone’s infringing on our “rights.”

In this case, both sides need to step the hell back. Who cares what some idiot (again, likely genius!) running a crappy fast food joint thinks or doesn’t think? He’s playing you.

Proponents – Look at you. Lined up in the hottest damn summer of the year. To feed your kids fried food. And line his pockets. Yeah, good decision. Yay for your bigotry.

Opponents You’re doing nothing but spawn the proponents on. Without you pointing out how small-minded it is to hate, the “Christians” of the world would have no one to wave their bibles at and stand in the heat for.

Just think, between the heat stroke today and all of the grease in their arteries, the good news is they won’t be around as long as if they’d maintained their original plans for Hate Wednesday, 2012.


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