Nit Picky Friend Are Not Friends

I know plenty of people who say to get the negative friends out of your life are right. And I have eliminated a toxic friend or two in my day. However, in a land of constant opinion-giving and selfish me-me-me behavior, I’ve started to eliminate the “nit picky, nothing’s ever good enough” friends.

They’re everywhere. On Facebook and Twitter, back-handing accomplishments. At work, downplaying your achievements. And in my nightmare, your spouse, never letting an accomplishment shine for what it deserves.

I have this “friend” at work. No matter what anyone accomplishes, he can’t ever give an honest “good job.” There is always, always a “but.” He never praises his employees’ goal accomplishments, even when achieved fully. Instead I’ll hear how, “Well, that’s good, BUT…” And pick apart how it could be better. When someone makes a mistake, even if it’s just one-off, it’s publicized. Nothing is ever good enough.

And today I’d had enough. I gave up my two biggest health vices for lent: eating out and alcohol. Huge sacrifice for me because they’re the crux of my social life. I normally don’t discuss what I gave up, a little trick I learned from my parents. However, I had to turn down a dinner invite, so I did mention it. And I even said, “At least I still have cherry vanilla diet cokes.” I get them fairly regularly at work. And I guess giving up these two huge sources of empty calories wasn’t enough for Judgy Johnson, because no less than four times he’s brought it up. Mind you, we are only a week and a day into Lent. I am off on weekends and had one day off. This means almost every single day he mentions it.

What the hell is that about? Get your own life, buddy. And stay the hell out of mine!


One response to this post.

  1. I really agree with you. I do not liek when people are nit picky over everything and if those people continue then no one is going to want to work with or for them and they will find themselves alone in life and business.

    I would really like to have you on my radio show to discuss your blog, because I think it’s great.


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