Micro-Management – The Water That Sinks The Otherwise Motivated Employee’s Boat

I hate being micro-managed. I’m a fully capable, motivated employee. If you want to know what I’m doing or why, ask. If you want to make me wait a week or a month or a year to start a project, fine. But here’s the thing: If I’m motivated to fix/improve/update something, why would you tell me to wait so we can talk about it? Especially when it’s a miniscule change with no impact? And especially when I have time before the upcoming holiday that I won’t have by the time we can talk. 

And what, exactly, will we talk about? It’s clear, in my manager’s eyes, I’m not capable of making good decisions and not a competent employee. I’ve NEVER been micro-managed in my life. And now, in my thirties, and ten year into a career in this field, I need to be micro-managed. No matter what I do it’s not good enough, is selfish and is not acceptable. I feel like I COULD be an integral part of what used to be a team. The team mantra no longer exists. And my consistently beat down self-esteem and resulting attitude has made me lose focus and motivation. I honestly no longer care.


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