Dunn Lived a Risky Life

I know what I’m getting ready to say is going to come across as harsh and insensitive. And maybe it is, although in my mind, I don’t intend it to be that way. A death, no matter what the circumstance, (including gang-on-gang deaths, which lots of people harshly (in my opinion) say the victim had coming) is sad. Someone has lost a child, sibling, best friend, hero, etc. So no matter who the person is, the circumstance of the death, etc. I feel for those who loved the person. And in this case, I feel for Ryan Dunn’s family. And intend no judgment of him, the way he lived his life or the way he died.

But here’s my question. I haven’t seen a LOT of Jackass, but the episodes I did watch, it seemed like that group of guys lived on the edge. Testing their ability to out-gross, out-do, and out-man each other. So if someone has a personality like that, how is the death so shocking for his friends? I am NOT saying they shouldn’t be sad, but at some point, shouldn’t someone say, “This is the type of person he was. A risk-taker.” He was driving 140MPH. Surely they knew that’s how he drove that car.

And please, be assured, I’m not saying they can’t be sad. They should be sad. Their friend is gone. And from many perspectives, the death was preventable (anytime speeding and alcohol is involved in a car accident, it’s hard to deny the accident could have likely been prevented).

For some reason it blows my mind these other late thirties, early forties guys are looking beyond the cause of the accident and the way Dunn lived his life. I get he’s a great person. But at some point accept when you live life hard and take risks, eventually those risks are going to catch up. And that’s the lesson everyone should take away from this senseless death. Now his wife and child (children?) are without a husband/dad.

But, with a risk-taking personally as Dunn’s seemed to be, could you really tell him he has to forgo all risks in the effort to avoid any harm? Someone who gets off on that risk doesn’t feel like he’s living without it. And what’s life if you don’t live?

Update 6/29: I saw this article today where Bam finally admits 1. He predicted Dunn would eventually die from his driving (Dunn scared Bam, who lives for the same thrills – so that must be pretty scary). 2. He and Dunn got in an accident in that same spot. And 3. Dunn went for food, then took the long way back around to drop off Zach, probably so he could specifically speed down this stretch of road.  None of this makes the outcome any less sad. But it does make it predictable. He liked to drink. He liked to speed. And he had a history of wrecks (probaly even sober). It’s possible the accident would have happened even if he hadn’t been drinking, although drinking certainly didn’t help with his reaction time.

If you watch the video, I’ll warn you Bam is either high on some type of downer pills or drunk. I have a hard time telling which. The way his hands are all heavy, and he keeps rubbing his head, I tend to think it’s something more than alcohol. It concerns me when he says that he has to have at least three drinks to feel “normal.” It always makes me sad when people resort to drugs and alcohol to cope with a death. Eventually you have to sober up and deal with the pain. I do understand how easy it is short-term to deal with it that way, but hopefully he’s finding someone (besides the press) he can talk to and work through his emotions.


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