Flying With Stupid Parents Vs. Dude Dropping F-Bomb

So, I flew this weekend. On the most awful flight ever flown. Seriously. These parents with two spoiled rotten, screaming children sat in the terminal of a flight leaving Vegas at 7AM. Frontier. Saturday, June 11th. They ruined my morning, so I’m not embarrassed to call them out. If you’re these parents, EVERY person in the terminal was cursing you. It should be said, although it wasn’t.

I was about to shake a parent. These children are the reason reproduction should be controlled. Seriously. These kids screamed if they didn’t get their own bag of chips. If one parent moved two feet from them. Or, as with most bratty kids, just for random attention. USE YOUR WORDS AND STOP SCREAMING! Really, it was awful. I have limited patience, but people with children of their own were cursing.

Which brings me nicely to my point: A dude on a flight was kicked off for dropping the F-bomb. But people like this are allowed to bring their children on board? WHY?!?!? We should not pay hundreds of dollars for a flight, and have to endure it with children (and their parents – the cause of the issue) who scream. The entire time. And when you’re expected to get to the airport 2 hours before a flight (lucky me, I got to follow these idiots from check-in, through security, and sit at the gate, (which was mismarked with flight 7708 or something rather than flight 443, so I was afraid to leave), then on the flight where iPods can’t be used during takeoff. I mean, really. At what point does a damn flight attendant’s ego take prescedence over the comfort of your PAYING CUSTOMERS? Get it together, Frontier.

Here’s a novel idea: Child-free flights. I’d pay more. But you know what? Beyond that, someone should tell these parents their children are obscene. Tell them they can’t board the flight until they get them under control. Ask them to leave the terminal and shut the kid up. And the sad part is, this wasn’t an upset child who was afraid to fly or experiencing popping ears (which we can all handle). This was a spoiled child. At one point the screaming child followed the father to the desk and (screaming) then turned around and looked at the mom (still screaming) and she puts out her arms and smiles at him as if she wants him to run to her, giggling, as if he’s a child in a pro-baby commercial. No, this was a satan’s spawn commercial. Or a pro-requiring parenting training courses commercial.

So, tell me this, why can a dude who’s honest (“What’s taking so fucking long to close the overhead compartments?”) be ejected from a plane for offending one person, when a family who has offended an entire plane be kindly ignored.

This is what’s wrong with the world.


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