Seasons Change, People Change

Once upon a time, I got a lot of pitying looks for being single. A lot of, “You’ll find the right one eventually” remarks. I took them mostly in stride because the truth is I’d LIKE to find a guy I’m willing to give up being single for. And there have been guys. Mostly ones who let me down. Or who I’m not interested in for whatever reason. But there’s never been one that’s clicked. And while I understand people think I’m a big failure for not having someone, I also have learned over the years that I could have SOMEONE, but I don’t want ANYONE. I want the right one for me. And I’m willing to wait.

But, oh how the attittudes change in five or ten years. Those formerly pitying looks are slowly turning to envy. Friends are finally seeing that me being alone isn’t total drudgery. Sure it’s lonely sometimes, but mostly I’m content. Over-busy, even. It’s a lot of work keeping up a house, working full time, and keeping up with family and friends. And while nothing’s changed for ME and the way I live or see my life, somehow it has changed for the way people my age perceive me. I’m sure they love their husbands, and know they love their children. But they finally see that getting married just to be married isn’t an upgrade. Well, unless I meet just the right guy, who they tell me I should wait for.

Hey, I been tryin’ to tell ya!


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