Mo Money, Mo Problems: The Royal Honeymoon

I never really got caught up in “The Royal Wedding” or whatever it was called. I’m not big on weddings in general. I mean I go, and I like watching my friends commit to each other in a public forum. But let’s be real, I go for one thing: open bar. Well, and to hang out with family or friends. So I guess two things. But the biggest draw is the open bar. I always appreciate how much work went into planning and preparing for the day. Mostly because I’ve helped other brides do it. It’s a LOT of work. But I don’t really care what dress they chose, all brides look beautiful. And the colors escape me the day after the wedding. Or, you know, an hour into the open bar. I don’t notice flowers. The meal’s a nice post-bar perk, but really, I’d be just as happy with pizza or burgers. One of my happies receptions was one with a crockpot of queso and tortilla chips. No, really.

So, I didn’t care what Kate was wearing, or her bridesmaids, or where the wedding was, or what food they were eating. And with that much hooplah, I imagine attending the wedding was more work than the free alcohol you’d get out of it. So when I saw the story saying the happy, royal couple was spending $720,000 on their honeymoon, I almost didn’t even read it.

But I did. And at first I’m like, “That’s ridiculous. And their taxpayers are paying for this.” But, THEN I realized two things: 1. If it weren’t for the annoying taxpayers not giving them privacy, they probably woudln’t need such an extravagant trip to ensure privacy and 2. A “normal” couple thousand dollar honeymoon doesn’t cut it when you’re rich. The more you have, the more you spend.

If I were a rich (wo)man….


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