Plan B: NOT An Abortion Pill

OK, first of all, I’d like to state, for the record, that I don’t think any other woman’s reproductive decisions are my business. Or anyone else’s. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a stranger to ask someone what they’re using for birth control, or are on fertility drugs, whether their multiples were the result of a procedure or “natural,” or if they’ve ever had an STD. And I don’t think it’s appropriate for anyone to judge someone they don’t know. Bottom line is, you’re not in their shoes, you don’t want your life and all of your decisions on display. So why it’s acceptable for someone to ask/be involved in personal decisions is beyond me. Do I talk to my close friends about birth control? Sure. But I don’t ask strangers. And if a stranger asked me what I used for birth control (or whether I used laxatives, have ever had a UTI, or if I have a vibrator), I’d find it offensive. Back off, people.

Beyond that, though, my rant comes from somewhere else. It comes from local (Kansas) news message boards. I have accepted we’re a conservative state. Take it for what it is, just like I’d have to take a liberal state for what it was if I lived somewhere else. But every time there’s an abortion-related article posted on a local news outlet, the comments section is overwhelmed with hate. And misinformation.

I know I’ll never stop abortion hate talk. And it comes from both sides. Abortions are another thing, like religion and politics, I only speak in close company about. And no, I won’t tell you which side of the issue I stand on. Because, frankly, it’s personal. And I don’t care or need your approval.

But one thing that irritates me about posts is blatant misinformation. And today’s specific topic: Plan B. Listen, Plan B IS NOT “the abortion pill” or “an abortion pill.” In fact, it has nothing to do with an abortion. All it is is birth control. High dose. It would be like me taking several birth control pills at once (usually this happens because you forget to take them for a few days – there are specific ways to handle such situations, but many women will take all of the missed pills at once).

Anyway, there IS an “abortion pill.” I am not informed enough to know whether or not you can get it in Kansas. And I’m not sure if you could get it, whether it would involve a prescription. And it’s a moot point, really, because that’s not what we’re talking about, either.

What I do know is Plan B is a high-dose birth control. If you take it after you’re pregnant, it won’t do anything to harm you or the fetus. Just like if you became pregnant while on the pill. Continuing to take the pill won’t affect your health, or the fetus’ health.

You don’t have to get a doctor’s approval to get Plan B. You can get it at almost any pharmacy. You present an ID, but not so they can record you in some sinner’s database, rather only so they can prove you were 18 or older. And they do that as some sort of protective measure to ensure a child isn’t involved in some type of abuse, and the abuser would force her to get Plan B.

So I just wanted to clarify this. Plan B: NOT ABORTION PILL. It’s no different than taking birth control. I understand men generally don’t know their birth control from their prenatal vitamins. I’ve mostly accepted this (although I don’t condone an uninformed person talking, male or female, on any topic, not just birth control). But what blows my mind is women who are on birth control talking about “the abortion pill.” And it hurts my spirit. Women should not be flogged into submission with their birth control choices. Or made to feel guilty for making a responsible decision. We women need to stick together. Not just with our reproductive choices, but in general. Let’s accept and love each other. Not judge and hate.

Good day.


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