Contraception And Other Health Decisions Are Private

And I don’t mean just for women, I mean for men as well. But since women are the ones who carry a baby, it seems like their contraception and reproductive health choices are on display, for everyone to judge. From politicians to religious zealots. And those same people are in the middle of everything. Judging people. Some with the thin (and not-believable) veil of “saving” someone else from herself, but others just being plain judgmental.

I’m sick of “Christians” judging everyone around them. And furthermore, they want to restrict access to birth control THEN restrict access to abortions? And restrict access to basic healthcare (such as annual exams, including STD and other testing).

Listen, people, humans want to have sex. Humans LIKE to have sex. Have you had sex? Do you do it as a chore? I hope not. Although, many of those preaching are married. So it’s easy for them to say, “Don’t have sex until you’re married.” How many of them actually waited? How many are happily married now and not straying?

We’re one damn judgmental country. And I’m fed up with it. Why don’t we all get out of each others contraception, sexual and personal choices business? Let’s love one another, accept each other, and most of all don’t judge, lest you be judged. I’m pretty sure most of these “holier than thou” people have skeletons in their closets, too. And no, I won’t tell you whether I have, had or will use birth control. I won’t tell you whether I have, had or will have premarital sex. I won’t tell you if I’m gay or straight. I won’t tell you if I go to church on Sunday, believe in God, or think most of those who speak loudest are sinning the most (OK, obviously I do on this last one). The truth is, my personal choices are none of YOUR business. Rather than looking at me and judging me, look at yourself. What areas of your life can you improve? How can you improve the overall good of the world? Until those two things are done, quit casting judgment and negativity on those around you. Because it’s not a good color on you. And I’m pretty sure it’s not getting you any free passes into Heaven.


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