Selective Viewing: An Open Letter To MTV


Attention MTV! Let me tell you the next big thing you need to do. Offer your reality shows with a filter. When you watch the show you can watch the whole thing. Or you can select to watch scenes minus the lame-ass stars who ruin the show. Yes, seriously. I know the show will be shorter. But you’d get back the audience (read: me) on shows like  Jersey Shore. I cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot bare to hear Sammi’s whiny voice or listen to another effed up fight with Ronnie. Cannot do it. Well, I mean, I can’t because I don’t want to punch a hole in my wall. Or my face. So I just don’t watch anymore.

And you know what, MTV? I’m really an AVERAGE viewer. So if I’m giving up on the show because of one screwed up story line that you, for some god forsaken reason, can’t give up, then I’m sure there are millions other who have or will do the same. You can only do so much fast-forwarding. Especially on your buffer-sensitive viewer.

Hey, just throwing it out there. You don’t even have to pay me to put this idea in place. And you know what else? I’d still sit through all of the commercials.

Former Jersey Shore fan,
Disenchanted Girl


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