Fear Not, The Group That Calls Themselves Westboro Church Won’t Be At Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral

Trust me. They won’t be there. They stir the pot for publicity. But never follow through. They go to local funerals, but don’t usually spend money on such big ticket (read: far-traveling) affairs. They threatened to go to Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral, too. Didn’t show. They might make the trip for a big military funeral, however. But they get more bang for their buck out of publicity for Hollywood/famous people by only talking.

And even if they do go, it’s not what most people imagine. It’s about ten people (half kids, who most people’s first impression is to feel sorry not hate – how can you hate someone who’s like 10 and brainwashed?). Yelling from a mandated distance.

Don’t fall into their trap. Don’t spew hate. Don’t plan a counter-protest. Do everything you can to ignore them. They’re crazy. And not representative of Kansans, Christianity (in fact, they actually aren’t even legally a church anymore) or any other group you might think of grouping them with. Their only purpose is to get at you emotionally, then sue you (they’re mostly lawyers – and yes, work for the State of Kansas). End of story. Don’t be the pawns in their money-making scheme.

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