The Bachelor, After The Final Rose

Alright, I’ll preface this by saying I only watch The Bachelor in passing because my friends watch it and it’s fun to have something to talk about. I think the whole show is a hoax. And I’ve been slacking this season watching because everything Brad says seems scripted, and he’s an awful actor. However, I forced myself to hunker down for the last two episodes because I also am known to buy a gossip mag or two. So here we are, watching the After The Final Rose show. Which usually is the best part of the show anyway.

First of all Chantel (excuse me if I misspell anyone’s names)… Everyone’s giving her gruff for getting emotional even though she’s moved on and is happy. Here’s the problem, it’s embarrassing to get dumped on live TV. And more embarrassing to get played. She simply wanted Brad to tell her he had feelings for her. In a private setting, like most breakups, he would have. In this national audience setting where Brad seemed contractually bound to marrying the hell out of someone, he was smart enough to know he couldn’t do it. So he had to say he was falling for Emily the whole time, this sent her on an emotional, revisiting the humiliation tailspin, and when he called her out on crying, she cried more. I don’t think any of this is an abnormal reaction. No one likes to “not be good enough.”

But Emily. Oh, Emily. First of all, I think Brad’s a total tool. And how anyone fell for him is beyond me. Sorry, Brad. I mean, I’m sure you have good characteristics and traits, but this whole show was so forced. You didn’t seem genuine. And those girls had to feel that. But Emily… I agree they made her come across as boring. Because in our warped little world, boring equals nice. And they wanted her to be the nice girl, while Chantel was the “wild” girl. It was like Vienna and Tinley from last season, only the bachelor picked “the other one” this time around.

But I think I’m the only American who didn’t care for Emily. Not that I think she’s an awful person or anything like that. I think both are probably nice people. But I DO NOT see them as a fit. Emily clearly doesn’t trust Brad. And SHE needs to get counseling (if she’s not already) to deal with her grief. I think she’s done what’s common when someone dies, and building them up to be someone they weren’t. It’s common when someone dies to remember all the good things and forget all the bad, all the struggles, all the heartache. No relationship is perfect. And I think it’s a natural part of grief to put that loved one on a pedestal. But in this case, it’s keeping her from letting anyone else in. Which is also OK in this case, because I don’t think Brad’s right for her anyway. If she’s questioning this already, she should cut ties and move on.

And the whole bring in the crew to salvage hope thing? Hilarious. VERY cult-like. I’ve read that ABC practically owns everyone who’s on their shows. And if they want to keep getting the job, H or B, under the table (or out in the open, I guess) they have to do what ABC wants them to do. I respect that, too.

But what the rest of the world should realize is you can’t really save a relationship by sheer will. And no one’s a failure for realizing that outside of the picturesque dates where ANYONE would think they’re in love, it’s not what they thought it would be. It’s like they were on a huge honeymoon during those giddy first stages of meeting someone. Eventually it comes crashing down. And the crash is that much harder when 1. you were so high to begin with 2. you can’t see each other in person 3. all of your baggage comes out at once, and the whole world is watching, expecting.

Overall, if Emily said, “I love you” in that condescending way one more time, I was going to reach through the screen and physically remover her from the couch. She’s obviously having a hard time getting over the “reality” of reality TV. And who she’s becoming because of the hurt of that realization isn’t good.

That, coupled with their “anger issues” and having a child in the mix is scary. Well, that and Chris Harrison is a tool, too.


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