Fab Five Documentary

If you haven’t watched ESPN’s Fab Five documentary, stop what you’re doing and watch it now. OK, or watch it next time it’s on TV. It’s good.

You can also stream it online here.

(Edit: Looks like my first link only has the first half now. Here’s another link with both halves.)

I remember growing up I hated Michigan when the Fab Five was playing. I hated how much they trash talked and “show boated.” A lot of that is because confrontation makes me uncomfortable (and I believe someone in the documentary said the same thing – if you don’t understand what it is, it’s uncomfortable for you), and because my dad always hated “show boating for the sake of show boating.” I still remember the infamous timeout heard round the world… Or, around CBS on Championship Monday at least. And I feel a little bad now for laughing and thinking they deserved it for being so cocky.

I only wish players played with as much passion and intensity now. Sure I want players to be classy. And as a KU fan, I see that trash talking and show boating with the Morris twins sometimes, and admit I’m one who’s said they need to grow up and act more classy. However, now that I think about trash talk as not being “in your face, but in your head” I kind of want to see MORE trash talking! Not sure Momma Morris feels the same way though. She seems like she runs a tight ship.

The race-related stuff always baffles me. I have NEVER understood racially profiling (or profiling based on religion), and hating one group because of one thing. First of all, race doesn’t mean anything. It’s a color. That’s like hating me because I’m wearing a green shirt, right? At least that’s how I see it. Anyway, I always think people who are negatively stereotypical have an issue internally with the way their brain works. For two reasons. First, psychology says that stereotypes are shortcuts our brains take. So that’s fine. You have a knee-jerk reaction. But, your brain is capable of overcoming that. Maybe some people’s brains are deficient? If they are, then I shouldn’t be angry at them. But maybe they could work on it a little. The other thing my psychology class says is someone who thinks people are “all good or all bad” are abnormal. I find myself doing this sometimes. Person A does X, Y and Z so I assume that that person is awful all around. But in this case it’s not making a person-by-person over-exaggeration. It’s based on a trait. And in the case of race, it’s a trait that means nothing.

Soooo… I digress. I don’t want to get into a heated racial discussion. I long ago realized there’s not much I can do to change people. So I don’t intend to broach that subject. It just made me really, really sad to see the letters written to the coaches and even directly to the players, spewing such hate. For that alone, I wish I hadn’t also disliked them. Even if my dislike had nothing to do with the color of their skin or their dumb shorts. I remember when shorts changed length, and I thought, “Thank God.” I mean, no one thinks a man’s legs are attractive, right? Keep it covered up, gentlemen! I just didn’t like their trash talking and showmanship. Although now that I understand WHAT they were doing, I’d even like to retract that feeling.

Anyway, March Madness is upon is. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Watch that documentary if you haven’t!


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