Jo From Teen Mom 2 Is Abusive, And MTV Ignores It

OK, let me preface this by saying I know the kid’s young. Probably only 18. I can barely remember 18, and it wasn’t THAT long ago. But I do know that regardless of his age, his parents are adults, and totally enabling Jo to be abusive. And these trends probably aren’t going to get any better. I mean, I know he could mature and all that. But his vindictive, controlling, angry temperament? I don’t think it’s going to improve.

And here’s what I don’t get. Why doesn’t MTV address this at the end of every episode? Why don’t they say that this is an abusive relationship and if your boyfriend’s treating you this way and don’t know how to get out (as Kailyn clearly doesn’t), what your options are. She’s staying in the same house as him and is his prisoner. He knew that and rested easy knowing she was within his grips. As she started dating other guys and gaining her own independence, he started to freak out. He calls her a slut all the time. I’m sorry, what? SHE’S the slut? Wasn’t your ding-a-ling involved in the knocking up? Get it together, bro. Be a man.

And he insults her, degrades her, controls her. He tells her she can’t date anyone else. He holds her prisoner in HIS PARENTS’ house. And it’s a nice house, so I have a hard time not categorizing this punk ass loser as a spoiled brat. But I believe that’s the issue. He’s coddled and over-indulged. Listen, Mom of Jo, tell him to respect women. Tell him to let the mother of his baby move on and be happy. And most of all, DO NOT act like you’re powerless to his actions, wants and tantrums. He’s in YOUR house. Kick his disrespectful, abusive ass out on the street if he can’t be a man.

Kailyn, you deserve so much better, girl. It appears you don’t realize it and feel like you have nowhere to go. Hopefully if your situation with your mom doesn’t work out (which I assume is much deeper of an issue than “we don’t get along”), I hope the people at MTV help you find low-income housing, women’s shelters, etc.

Oh, and take that lowlife of a baby daddy to court. Get child support instated, get a visitation schedule in place, and most of all, realize that you’re a good person, a good mom, and you deserve someone who respects you and loves you.

And MTV… I know you have no real concern in the whole deal, but you put this show out there as if you care about girls making better for themselves. Helping them to see being a teen mom isn’t glamorous. Aside from the fact that this show DOES make it look somwhat glamorous (Maci’s staying in a place I, as an MBA graduate couldn’t afford), at the very least take the time to say, “This situation isn’t healthy. This is abuse.” Teen girls don’t realize this is abuse. And it will only get worse. You don’t have to hit someone to abuse them. Controlling and yelling are also abuse. And often times result in physical violence. Communicate THAT!

Here he is. What a punk.


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  1. Posted by Kim on March 12, 2011 at 2:34 am

    I thought the SAME thing when I was watching it! All I could think about was “does she not realize how abusive he is?” It’s like he holding her prisoner in his house because he knows she has low self esteem! She does seem like a good Mom, and there has to be issues as to why she won’t live with her Mom (other than not getting along) because almost anything would be better than living with that abusive a hole! I agree 100% with MTV stating at the end of the show that he is abusive and how to see the signs of an abuser (hello, 800 texts in one evening.. I’m pretty sure that was him!), and how and where to seek help! Lifetime had a movie JUST like this situation (except it escalated to him hitting her). Bad news!


  2. I miss having cable just for Lifetime movies!


  3. Posted by Nika on March 28, 2011 at 12:52 am

    Well said. And why does he keep saying HIS house over and over again? He told his mom “Get this b*tch out of my house!” WHAT house?? I would LOVE to see any of my sons speak the way he does. They’d figure out REAL quick whose house it is! But aside from that, Jo is just spoiled and indulged to the enth degree and in every episode I want to give him the whooping he obviously never got as a boy. However, he is shown taking care of Isaac when he’s not working so that’s noteworthy I suppose. He could be like deadbeat Adam or deaderbeat Janelle.


    • Haha! “deader beat.” That’s awesome. I agree, it’s nice to see him with Isaac. But part of me wonders with a personality like his, and like you said, how spoiled he is, if that’s mot for the cameras, and his parents do a lot of the work. Of course I have no reason to believe that. I’m just saying it because it’s easier to beleve he’s all bad!


  4. Posted by Arlene on March 29, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    I can’t stand Jo he has no respect for his baby mom’s I can’t stand his parents for allowing him to treat that girl like that the only do t cause she ain’t got no family only her mother…if I was Kaitlin mother I would of punch him right in his dirty aSS mouth for. Talking t her like that then. Would of beat the craps out of Jo mother…u can do so much better ka n girl stop Letting people tall to uhow they want knock Jo ass out when he disrespect u


    • It’s weird. It’s like Kailyn is the only one who realizes she deserves better, and everyone else is acting like she’s crazy for thinking so. Hey, great, people. That’s what you think of her? That’s reassuring.

      You’re right. She deserves better. No girl deserves to be treated that way, and I wish MTV would announce that after every episode. I don’t think most young people realize that this is abuse. And if they stayed together, there’s a good chance (if it hasn’t already) that it’ll turn physically abusive. At best, they’d stay together and he’d beat her down verbally until she had no self-esteem left.


  5. Posted by Kelsey on May 17, 2013 at 4:07 am

    I completely agree he was constantly calling her a whore and telling her things like “you dont deserve to be alive.” MTV is giving off the idea that that’s how realtionships work and it is not! I love Kailyn and her and Javi are great for eachother.


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