Do I Like To Argue? Or Be Right?

I think I just like to argue. I don’t know why. But I LOVE arguing. Hell, sometimes I’ll take a perspective different to my own, just to argue. I don’t necessarily care if I win, so much as I want someone else to see more than one perspective. Once upon a time a superior on the org chart at my work said, “Come live in the gray with me.” Which was his nice way of saying, “Life isn’t usually black and white. There are a lot of ways to see things.” And since then I’m constantly telling myself to live in the gray. To consider other perspectives. And to, well, argue with the black and white folks I used to be! (This is in no way a racial statement. Let me clarify that. Haha. Seems like when I talk about black and white someone always accuses me of being racist. And no, not sarcastically.)

So what’s my point? I have no point. I often have no point. It’s part of my charm.

And part of life in the gray. Isn’t it freeing?

I mean, I definitely have points of view on stuff. And I definitely see things MY way. But just because I see them as my way, I don’t think my way is the only road to take to get to the same place. For example, religion. I have NEVER thought there is one right religion. In fact, I’m not sure what I think of religion, period. But let’s say I were “religious” and prescribed to a religion (as I used to), I never thought that other religions were inferior. And while most of my life I’ve proclaimed to be Christian, I also don’t see non-Christian sects as wrong.

The only “religion” I think is wrong is Westboro Baptist Church. But they’re not even a church anymore, so that point’s not even worth spending time on.

My point is, even as a child I’d say, “But how do we know that our god isn’t their god? Even if they call their god by a different name? It could be like I call you “Mom” but other people call you by your first name.” What’s in a name, anyway? It’s just a reference point. Whether you call me by my name or another name, I’m the same person, right? So who’s to say there’s not one God who created everything, but he also goes by Allah?

My point is, we could argue all day about the bible and religion and God and Heaven and whatever. But just because you refuse to see another side doesn’t make you right. Just like me WANTING to see the other side doesn’t make me wrong.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Graham on September 20, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    cool blog. i like to argue, too. but i think i’m just that sick fuck who likes to argue just because they like to feel that adrenaline rush and all their feelings spill out and just to win. lol


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