Westboro Isn’t A Church, Doesn’t Define Kansas

For everyone out there searching for information on Westboro, there are a few things you should know:

  1. They claim to be a church. They aren’t a church any more.
  2. They don’t define Kansas, Kansans or any other group.
  3. They come across as lunatics. They may or may not be. Their whole purpose is to push your emotional buttons and trigger a reaction out of you so they can sue you. And trust me they will. And trust me they will win because:
  4. They’re made up of lawyers.
  5. Yes, some of their family works for the State of Kansas. If they state would fire them, they’d probably sue the state.
  6. Don’t let one small group of crazy people encourage you to ask the government to take away one of your rights, freedom of speech. Don’t give up your freedoms for anyone.
  7. Ignore them. All they want is attention. Don’t counter-protest, don’t yell, try not to show disgust.
  8. Finally, if you ever actually see one of their protests you will wonder what all of the drama was about. The protests are normally no more than a handful of people, usually at least half children. Why the media blows it up to look like it’s a hundred or thousand person protest is beyond me. They do yell. But they won’t approach you. They always obey all laws. The hardest thing for me when I saw a protest was seeing a child yelling hate speech or holding one of their signs. Realize these children are brainwashed. And realize there’s nothing you can do to change or speak logic to any of them. Let it go.

They purposely pick emotional funerals (soldiers, high profile people or activities, those shot in the recent Tucson tragedy, school shootings, etc.). If you’re emotional about it, they know it. And they’re going to picket it for some insane reason. Don’t let them manipulate you. Be stronger than they are.

After all, you’re stronger than that, right?


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