Power-Hungry and Entitled

I’m so sick of power-hungry, entitled, cocky a-holes in positions of power. Whether they’re police officers, TSA employees or even someone who holds something over your head that they have that you want. It seems like people in America more and more need and wield this power. People seem significantly unhappy with their lives that they need to transfer this unhappiness on to other people. Or need to have power over other people because they feel powerless in their own lives. It’s frustrating, irritating, and makes America a less great place to live.

Since when does the TSA get the right to do things to me I don’t allow guys to do on the first date. Hell, or even the third! And how is it that when there are simple things like traffic tickets the citizen is guilty until proven innocent, when so many measures are taken to ensure an alleged murderer has more rights. And since when is it OK for a cop to scoff at me and tell me, “Good luck taking that to court.” Insinuating I have no chance because he’s in the position of power and even if he’s wrong the system will assume he’s right.

And Americans seem to be so complacent with it all. Giving up their rights in the interest of time. Paying a fine, putting something on their driving record, letting someone touch them, paying for products that don’t work. Simply because we don’t have the time, energy or power.

It’s definitely a frustrating perspective. And after awhile you don’t want to get on an airplane, drive across town, or even purchase a product. It feels like we’re becoming more and more controlled by government, laws and greed. Leaving the general public with very little power to regain our rights. Why does the government care if we wear our seat belts? You can’t tell me more people are injured, taxing our health care system. Which sucks, by the way. Nope. The truth is, it’s a revenue stream. Citizens don’t fight it because they feel powerless, and think paying a $30 fine is no big deal. But, what about the fact that it goes on your record as a moving violation? One that could and probably will increase your insurance premium?

Or what about the corrupt police officers who give tickets for other moving violations like rolling through a stop sign, running a red light, or not signaling soon enough. The common citizen has little to no rights when the ticket isn’t warranted. And the police officer laughs knowing he or she has the upper-hand in court  Do they have to prove you’ve broken the particular law you’ve been ticketed for? No. You’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

I don’t know where this country has gone wrong, or why citizens stand idly by as their rights are incriminated, more and more laws are created, and private constituents take more of our freedoms away. Will someone groping my woman bits make flying safer? Probably not. The more we give up our rights, the more those who wish to inflict harm will find other ways to inflict it.

Come on America. Take back the night! And day. And everything else we seem to have given up in the interest of saving time, a false sense of security, or apathy because we feel our voices are too small. Change doesn’t come unless you ask for it. And power will not be balanced unless you demand it.


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