Why Do We Idolize?

When I was younger I used to look at certain couples and think I wanted to have a relationship like theirs when I grew up. The idolizing varied from real life couples to fictional characters on TV and in movies. At one point my mom told me that no relationship is perfect, no one’s happy all the time, and to never want someone else’s life because there’s probably a lot in that life you don’t see.

Touche, Mom. Touche.

So, I know I used to be “that person” but quickly grew out of it mid-twenties. Yet, there are people far older and wiser than me who are idolizing Kate and William. Or whoever that girl is that’s marrying that prince. I don’t care if they’re getting married. Just like I don’t care who’s getting married in Hollywood. Hell, sometimes I don’t care if my friends are getting married! OK, that’s a little mean.

But, honestly, their relationship isn’t perfect. There’s a decent chance they’ll divorce. And sure she gets to wear a tiara (I assume, hell I don’t even know if that’s true!). But she’s in the spotlight. She won’t always be beautiful (Sorry, Kate, it’s a matter of fact, not an insult). And she has to follow some guy around for the rest of her life. No thanks.

And I can’t help but wonder if they should be getting married at all considering it wasn’t long ago they called things off…

This is your cynical blogger, logging of.


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