Bristol Ain’t Gonna Do It. Wouldn’t Be Prudent.

Have you seen the PSA Bristol and The Situation did about abstinence? First of all, well, OK. There is no first of all. There just is. But we have to start somewhere.

1. The whole Jersey Shore cast is on a constant stream of Valtrex because there’s so much unprotected sex. Why is The Sitch talking about abstinence, let alone safe sex?

2. Bristol, it’s easy to say “ain’t gonna do it’ when you aren’t dating someone. Just like with Levi, when you love someone and when you’re pressured, you’ll do it. I’m not judging, I’m just saying. I’m on board with two adults who care about each other knockin’ socks. But be realistic. Saying you aren’t going to do it increases the chances you’ll sneak around, feel guilty, and not use protection.

3.What makes anyone think because Bristol says she’s not going to have sex that anyone else will not have sex? I mean, she got to try it out. That’s half the fun: seeing what the big deal is. Maybe what Bristol should have said is, “Girl! Protect yourself, otherwise you’ll be knocked up with some loser’s kid who isn’t around, uses you for his own purposes, and leaves you.”

Here’s the video:


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