Oh, Sammi, You Are A Dumb Bitch

Has anyone seen the deleted scenes from last week’s Jersey Shore episode? I can’t get it to embed, but here’s the URL:


There’s not really anything too intriguing or exciting here. But it pisses me off every time the letter comes up. I cannot understand Sammi. I don’t want to believe a girl can be as stupid as she’s coming across, but I’ve finally conceded she is. She’s not the victim of bad editing. She’s just a dumb bitch.

Listen, Sammi. Your girls are trying to: 1. be good friends by telling you what’s up 2. help you NOT look like a fool 3. save you from STDs. Let me be clear: THEY. ARE. NOT. THE. ENEMY!

They told the truth, and you’re mad at them? FFS. This is why girls need to get a grip on life. Listen, unless they’re in love with the dude, girls rarely ever lie about what a guy’s doing. They aren’t jealous of your jacked up, all we do is lay in bed and fight and whine relationship. They don’t want Ronnie. Hell,  I can’t figure out why YOU want Ronnie. He’s a cokehead. And about 5′ 4″. And jacked up on steroids. And stupid. And has no real personality. And a manipulator. Jesus, NO girl wants him.

And you’re an idiot.

Thank you for your time.


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