Enough With The Baby Talk!

I’m not sure which is worse: The freaking kids who scream and ruin my day/night wherever I go. Or the annoying, loud parents who talk baby talk to their kids. I hate both. Either way, both are the parents’ problem, obviously. I don’t hate the kids. Just that they’re screaming. Last night, for example, there were two children SCREAMING in a clothing store.  They were on either side of me. Screaming in Spanish. I wanted to pick them up by their little heads and tell them to use their inside voices, but my Spanish is lacking. Every damn store I went in, children were screaming. Seriously? Take your damn kids home, where they aren’t ruining anyone’s life but yours. You deserve it. Obviously you raised them this way.

And the baby talk… Really? Once a child can understand what you say, stop talking to them like they’re idiots. They’re not. In fact, they’re probably smarter than you. And they probably think you’re as annoying as I do. Which is why they aren’t listening.


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