Why Is It OK For Closed-Minded People To Not Change??

Warning: Rant ahead.

I am SO sick of closed-minded people being accepted for being closed-minded. It’s so frustrating. People always say, “That’s just how he is.” But open-minded people are judged for not changing/compromising/being flexible. And after a certain point, constantly changing for these a-holes get SO DAMN OLD! And having the expectation to be flexible for stupid people is even more frustrating.

So what if that’s just how she is and she’ll never change? Why does that make it OK for her?

And conversely, it’s NOT OK for me to be grumpy when I have to deal with these douchey/bitchy/awful people? Why do I have to change to accept them, when they don’t have to change? Why should I have to fake-enjoy these people.

And it sucks because these few people at work ruin an otherwise livable work environment. And instead of tackling the problem, I’m reprimanded for being exhausted with it. That makes sense.


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