Life Isn’t A Fairytale

I watched Made of Honor this week. And if you haven’t seen the movie it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding meets… I don’t know… pick a movie where a dude falls in love with the sweet girl he thought he didn’t have feelings for, while simultaneously living a life presuming he was too manly to ever fall in love. What about Ghost of Girlfriends Past? Or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?  There are lots of these movies out there. Some of them I like. Others annoy the crap out of me.

This movie annoyed the crap out of me.

Pretty much it’s a dude and a girl. Best friends. He’s a player. She wants to find someone. She watches him be a douche and calls him on it. But they live in harmony for years this way. Then she leaves town and comes back engaged, and he realizes he has feelings for her. OK, of course the movie can’t make it this simple to hate. This dude randomly figured out he had feelings for her while she was out of town meeting her dreamboat. But, still. Come on.

So, he helps her prepare for this wedding while trying to scheme to get her to fall for him. Of course it doesn’t work because she’s the “good girl” who wouldn’t stray. And he’s totally committed to her, and suddenly no longer wants to screw around. In the end she slowly realizes her fiancé isn’t right for her,  while simultaneously realizing her best friend is. He breaks into the wedding. They kiss. And live happily ever after.

Never happens in real life.

Not that movies portray real life. But the realistic ending would be she’d get married and he’d have to live with his regret of not making the right decision sooner. Or she’ll get married too soon and end up divorced, but by the time she’s divorced he’s married to someone else. Or they’ll both be married at the same time, be unhappy with their spouses, and each have two or three kids. Or, she calls off the wedding as soon as he professes his love, they date for a few weeks and realize they were better off friends and the friendship is ruined. These are all realistic. The bullshit of a movie is not.

I had to vent.


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  1. Posted by Lynds on May 28, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Agreed. It was craptacular. Also, I felt they didn’t develop the characters well enough to make you care about them. I didn’t like either of them well enough to care if they got together. I would have been okay with an astroid hitting the church and killing them all, though.


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