Why Does Biggest Loser Make Me Hungry?

OK, so everyone I know says Biggest Loser makes them hungry. Why? There must be some subliminal hidden message. I don’t like the show. So it’s not because one enjoys the show so much she’s eating. Or because it’s so emotional you want to eat (I find most of the emotion more annoying than sad). And I’m flat out irritated at how short-term minded the show is.  There is no way anyone can maintain such a strict diet or exercise routine for the long haul. Which means, inevitably, most of the contestants will start to gain weight back.

But that’s neither here nor there. I rarely watch the show because I don’t care for it. And now that I realize it makes me hungry I won’t even stop to watch the cattiness or other drama I so love in other reality TV.

If anyone has psychological insight into why this show makes me (and everyone I know) hungry when in theory you’d think it would make you want to diet and exercise, I’m interested!


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  1. We can most likely agree that 99% of the people watching the show have had some *food struggles* in their life and are teetering between their love of food and their love of skinny, right? Why else watch the show? 99% of the people who watch porn have some fascination to sex.. I would assume.

    Same issue.

    So, I watch The Biggest Loser and I see someone who is fat on there… and suddenly I’m hungry? Because, quite simply:


    and with porn?



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  3. Posted by Kim on May 8, 2010 at 4:33 am

    This is SOOO true! One part of me thinks it’s because they flash back to the contestants past and in those pictures they are almost always eating bad for you food! Or they have a challenge that involves food (which is most often times bad for you food). Or they are talking about food. Seriously, watching the Food Network makes me hungry.. Or the food shows on the Travel channel (which are awesome btw, you should watch them sometimes! Man v. Food, rocks!).

    So, that’s my thoughts! I honestly try not to watch any more than the last 10 or so minutes of it anymore (bc I felt like it was making me fatter than I currently am), just so I can see how much weight the people lost and then what the current loser looks like now.

    OR! Maybe there are some sort of subliminal hidden messages in it that train us to EAT while we watch it so they can always guarantee another season because then as long as people are watching they can guarantee people will be eating and continue to be overweight! Who knows!


  4. I agree with both of you! I do think most people who watch BL are struggling or have struggled with weight. And I do think the contestants are obsessed with food (because they’re starving) .

    But I still claim it’s something subliminal. And I don’t thnk to keep the contestants coming. Because there will always be overweight people. I think it’s to sell their diet products (pills, cookbooks, diet plans) and fitness stuff (exercise videos, equipment, etc.). Who knows?


  5. Posted by Kim on May 11, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Oh, I forgot about all the diet crap they are selling.. Seriously, the first time I saw Jillian (whatever her last name is) diet pills I was mad. I couldn’t believe they were actually selling diet pills with her name on it when she claims to be so healthy and we all KNOW that diet pills are unhealthy!

    That’s definitely a good one!

    Karla, good point about the: overweight people = food and porn = sex… That’s actually probably true too.. Because when I do see overweight people I know they have had some good food in their time and then it makes me think about the good food they have eaten and it makes me want to eat some.

    Seriously, I don’t think the show makes me “hungry” perse… Just more makes me crave and want food!


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