NEWS FLASH! Fighting is Drama for Everyone, Not Just the Fighter and the Fightee

Everyone knows “that couple” that fights constantly, especially when they’ve been drinking. They’re the ones who turn an otherwise great night into one scarred by unnecessary, childish drama. My friends who are “that couple” seem relatively sane when they’re sober. And through the majority of the night they are a normal, happy couple. But before the end of the night it’s inevibale. They ALWAYS fight. And it’s always about something ridiculous. And others always get dragged into it. Whether it’s to mediate because the drama’s grown physical (slamming doors, throwing things, etc.) or because they’ve taken low blows at each other using someone else as a verbal weapon, “Well, so-and-so said THIS about you!”

I guess I don’t understand 1. Why anyone would continue to date someone they always fight with and 2. Why they have these arguments drunk? Why am I the only one looking for someone I’m happy with? Drinking’s probably not the healthiest way to spend the night, but it’s certainly fun. And why would you want to be with someone who makes fun so, well, UN-fun? Or would it be insane for said couple to reason, “We’ve been drinking, let’s talk about this when we’re sober.” Even if it means one person sleeps on the couch. Or goes to their own place.

And the worst part is they don’t ever seem to work anything out! They SAY they do. They act like they were the only ones inconvenienced. And they drop back into their pseudo perfect existence.

And the problem with young, single people is there’s a reasonable (OK, fairly regular) amount of drinking. Which means there’s a lot of drama witnessing. Sometimes I find a way to escape it (go to another room, another bar, home, outside), but I’m to the point that I feel like I shouldn’t have to adjust my behavior because they’re childish. Look, your relationship is a mess. I’ve told you it’s not fun to be around. Next I’m going to tell you you’re selfish, childish and stupid. Is that what you really want?

For those of you in relationships like this, take my word for it. People DO NOT like being around you. People are making excuses to avoid you. And pretty soon, people are going to not want to talk to you about anything involving your significant other. Resentment will set in. Then you will only have said significant other to hang out with. But the good news is you can fight to your little selfish hearts’ contents, without pissing anyone (like me!) off!


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